Monday, 27 August 2012

Preventing Hat Hair !

While we are ecstatic that hat season has returned, our hair isn’t. But tell those strands not to fret, because we have some tips on how to prevent unruly, messy hair once you take off that trendy fedora or sporty baseball cap!

1. Prevent Tangles
Make sure your roots are dry when you first put on your hat. If not, you will have to restyle your locks once you remove it.

2. Reduce Static And Frizz
Use styling products that lend moisture to overly dry hair. Apply a styling lotions to the ends. Warning: do not apply to the roots. Wearing a hat creates heat on the top of your head. Combined with the styling products, your hair can look a little greasy.

3. Go With A Silk Hat
A silk-lined hat is a great option to prevent hat hair on strands that just don’t respond well to styling products. Silk doesn’t create static, frizz or make harsh dents in the hair.

4. Go Full
Style your hair a little fuller than you would normally. Hats push your hair down, so the more volume you have to begin with, the better.

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