Sunday, 12 August 2012

Tips for finding the Perfect Shade of Nail Paint!

Tips for Finding a Perfect Shade of Nail PolishHello!

Sometimes it becomes difficult to find the perfect shade of nail polish for your nails because women do love to dress up according to the latest fashion and matching everything in their appearance from head to toe but what to do about those nails?

Here are a few tips for finding a perfect shade of nail polish which you need to keep in mind when giving a new look to your nails. Give them a read and give your nails a look you want.

  • According To Appearnce
While choosing the right colored nail polish for your nails you must keep your appearance in mind. Everything you do should be complementing each other.

  • Accoding To Skin Tone
Skin tone is also another very important factor if you are choosing the right nail polish color for your nails. For instance if you have a darker skin tone then you can have any color you want and for light skin tones dark colors looks best on the nails.

  • Nail Color According To Your Dress
We do love to match everything with the dress we are wearing and same goes for our nails. But sometimes it is not necessary to match your nails with your dress. You can always choose a shade which complements your dress. It can either match one of your accessories as well.

  • Neutral Or Nude Nail Colors
The occasion and place matters as well. For example if you are going for a job interview then the best shade for professional meetings would be neutral shade and nude tones which makes the fingers look elongated. It is simple but not distracting. If you are going out in the night then red is the perfect color. Metallic colors like gold, silver or bronze will also look good. And if you are just going out to have fun then let your nails be colorful as you and have fun.

  • According To Makeup
Now if you are wondering that your nails will look good with the makeup you are wearing then it’s going to be the same from the tips for finding a perfect shade of nail polish which we used for dresses in which I mentioned that it is not necessary to match with the dress and in this case makeup. Just be different.

  • According To Latest Fashion Trends
Keeping an eye on the latest fashion trends is always a must whether it is about the dress, makeup or accessories. Same thing goes for the nails. Keep close watches on the colors trending no matter the colors way off your style. You will eventually going to find the shade which suits your appearance.

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