Thursday, 16 August 2012

Essential Shoes!


Shoes are some of our irresistible and biggest fashion indulgences - they're great for creating a fashion statement. You might end up being out of place if you're in the wrong outfit !
You need to secure shoes in versatile styles and that cover your outfits, lifestyle and major activities such as work. Getting them in neutrals rather than colors is a cost-effective way to really solidify your wardrobe.

Essential Shoes - Your Wardrobe Essentials

    White sneakers

    Casual sneakers such as Keds (tennis sneakers) that can be worn with your casual outfits without looking like a complete youngster. Low Converse sneakers are also an option. Goes with your jeans but also chinos and dress pants.


    They go with anything - from pretty floral dresses to your jeans & tee outfit. Super-chic and versatile. Great as everyday shoes.

    Leather Sandals

    Secure at least one pair of simple flat sandals in a neutral color. Try gladiator or thong sandals.

    High Heel Sandals

    Essential for spicing up your summer outfits, such as denim shorts and sun dresses. Casual and super-chic. I recommend wedge sandals - and if your legs are short then select a pair in a color that matches your skin tone :-)

    Dress Sandals

    Secure one pair of dressy sandals in a neutral color to go with your dressier and more formal outfits.

    Black Pumps

    Black pumps are essential in any woman's closet - and cover various occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and more! They're a must for any office gal. For variety, I would also recommend adding a pair of nude pumps.

    Nude Pumps

    Good for dressing up - and they're stylish with your casual workwear. Super leg-elongating. You might want to buy a pair that closely matches your skin tone for maximum elongating effect.

    Ankle Booties

    You need these whenever you get sick of your knee high boots or when you just want to showcase your bottom garments and legs more. Fabulous for showing off your hosiery! Get these in black! :-)

    Casual Boots

    A fall/winter essential. However, cowboy boots can work for warmer months. I would buy one pair for dressier occasions (eg. office), another pair for casual everyday wear (such as flat slouch boots) and a pair for party occasions (eg. ankle booties)

    Knee-high Riding Boots

    You need these for Fall - creating well-dressed and chic outfits with your sweater dresses, skinny jeans and yes, hosiery.

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