Thursday, 16 August 2012

A few tips for a romantic look!

Hello !

Accentuate your style with this romantic look!
Ruffle skirts, A-line skirt and dresses, floral print clothes, lace tops, crocheted tops, cameos and antique jewelry, silk scarves, flower headbands and brooches and chrm jewellery!

Take a peep into this  style ;)

Closet essentials for the Romantic fashion persona/feminine clothing personality

How to Improve Your Style/Word of Warning:

  • In some situations, especially business and work-related - people might not take you seriously.
  • Also, you most likely have the curves to fill out any form-fitting outfit - but you need to keep your choices tasteful and appropriate or else you might come off looking a little tarty.
  • You might want to experiment combining clean, sophisticated lines with your love for frilly, soft details.

  •  This is a great combination that helps portray a mature, dependable image appropriate and ideal for work. Try adding a bit of high fashion to your style - it could be a wide belt or layers of charm bracelets.

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