Thursday, 16 August 2012

Essential Belts !


A belt can define and create a waist as well as curves - and instantly polishes your outfit. You can also use it to update the shape of a loose top or dress.
Secure them in neutrals and get them in both wide and skinny style.

Essential Belts - Your Wardrobe Essentials

    Wide Belt

    Looks good on all body figures and defines/accentuates your waist (create an illusion of a waist). If you're an Apple shape or someone with a thick/full waist I recommend looking for stretch belts in a dark neutral or color that blends with the color of your top. If you're short waisted and/or petite with a skinny figure I suggest that you choose the thinnest wide belt you can find as big ones can swallow you up. Also make sure it blends with your top to avoid chopping up your silhouette.

    Skinny Belts

    This is super-chic worn with a slightly too-big shirt or if you just want to create/define a waist without the trendy look of a wide belt. Can also be worn with your high waist dress pants and denim jeans. An instant clothing "polisher"!

  • Stretch your style envelope with:Colors besides the neutrals and trendy details such as statement buckles. Add a double string belt and experiment with various textures such as faux snake/croc and braided! You might also want to include textile string belts :-)

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