Thursday, 16 August 2012

Essential Handbags !

A handbag goes much deeper than looking good - it keeps all of your daily essentials and it projects your image to the world. Selecting the right bag or purse that go with your outfit is important because it can easily make or break your look.

The best way to build a solid handbag and purse-closet is to buy them in styles that cover all of your major activities. Practicality and versatility are important factors to consider so that you'll always have a bag that goes with any outfit.

Essential Handbags - Your Wardrobe Essentials

    Tailored Tote Handbag

    For us chic fashionistas we need at least one tailored tote bag that goes with our classy coats and dresses. Think Victoria Beckham! Great for looking extra polished - whether it be school or office. Secure a tote handbag in a dark neutral - and if you're an office gal invest in a tote bag in a lighter neutral for the cheery and lighter season.

    Casual Everyday Handbag

    A hobo handbag is perfect for this. Casual enough to throw over your arm in your jackets and tees & jeans-outfits. Make sure the color is neutral so that'll blend in with your outfit.

    Messenger Bag

    This is another necessary casual everyday handbag but perfect for your laptop and books - but not as sophisticated as a laptop bag. Good for when you want to bring your electronics and paperwork to a cafe.

    Laptop Bag

    Use it as a briefcase to work for your documents and laptop. It should be classier looking than the messenger bag - especially if you're planning on bringing it to work or just want to look extra chic.

    Clutch Purse

    Great for casual parties or for looking chic in your sun dress and sunglasses. Bring it to late cocktail with your friends or for a date. It should be as neutral as possible.

    Cross Body Bag

    A small cross body purse bag (smaller than a messenger bag but big enough for your basic needs) is a good choice for carrying to the movies, dates, amusement parks, shopping, leisure time, sightseeing, etc. For whenever you want to keep your hands free.

    Evening Purse

    Preferably in dark neutral and another one in a light neutral - keeps you covered on all kinds of formal to semi-formal events, such as big birthday parties, weddings, Baptism and so on. The clutch purse is good for casual parties.

    Travel Bag

    Invest in a durable leather travel bag in a dark neutral. A must fir short trips and weekend getaways.

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