Thursday, 30 August 2012

Arranging Flowers :)


We all have some kind of flower arrangements kept at home, well to make them look prettier, wo don;t really need prettier flowers, what you can actually do is arrrange them in a manner that make it look really Grand. Here's how :

 With a monochromatic palete,
  •  it’s easy to do a big-scale arrangement.
  • Choose one color, and pick flowers with large petals and buda for it .
  • Tulips, hydrangeas, and large daisies work really well with this tactic.
When choosing to use a couple of coordinating colors,
  • it’s easier to include some greens as one of those colors.
  • Never be afraid to include non-floral elements like greenery, twigs, or leaves!
  • Light-colored flowers look great with spring-y, bright greens, or really dark ones.
  • Medium to dark-colored flowers looks best with dark-colored greenery.

If you’re going to go wild with color,
  • your best bet is to keep the shape really asymmetrical.
  • You shouldn’t ever create a perfect shape when arranging flowers anyways, but with loads of colour, the shape needs to be more wild than usual .
  • There isn’t a lot of rhyme or reason here, so pick colors, shapes, and textures you think look good together.

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