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Monsoon Skin Care


Monsoon is the time where your skin behaves a little strange and is often unstable; suddenly it's gets oily or become dry and dehydrated. Hence it is very necessary that you take care of your skin during this season in order to look fresh and beautiful. Following are a few Skincare tips that you need to follow.

CleansingYour skin will require regular cleansing in order to keep it looking fresh and healthy. Follow these home remedies.

Dry Skin:You can use almond paste or honey cleanser. Take ten crushed almonds and make a paste and add two tsp of honey. Massage on face for 5 to 7 minutes, rinse face and pat dry.

Oily Skin:
You need a very mild cleanser to get the dead cells and grime off from skin. Use pure oatmeal scrub to cleanse oily skin or use ripe papaya pulp as a mild exfoliant.

Toning is a must at night. During monsoon, a lot of airborne and waterborne microbes are let loose. So a good anti-bacterial toner will go a long way to prevent skin infections and eruptions. It is a good idea to get anti-bacterial face wash too.

You need to mildly tone a dry skin since the pore size is small. Use five drops chamomile oil in a one tsp milk to tone dry skin and ten drops Lavender oil in one tsp water to tone an oily skin.

Moisturising in the rains is as important as it is in summer. Monsoons can mean a de-moisturising effect on dry skin and an over-hydrating effect on oily skin. The skin gets wet often and with the constant wetting and drying, a lot of dehydration (yes, in the rains!) takes place. That explains the itchy feeling one gets during monsoons. Use a non-water based moisturiser, if you happen to get wet often. Otherwise a water- based moisturiser will do.

Dry Skin:
 Take I tsp honey, I tsp fresh curd and I tsp jojoba oil. Mix all of these together and apply on your face and neck. Leave it on for 10 mins and then wash off with plenty of water.

Oily and Combination Skin:

In 2 tsp rose water add 2 drops of strawberry oil and fresh orange oil. Mix and apply on face and neck for 10 mins and then wash off.

Monsoon Fashion!


It's time to fold your pants up! The wardrobe during the monsoon is restricted to the two C's- Colour and Comfort. Go bright and flashy this monsoon. Vivid coloured tops and dresses are totally in vogue. Dress up in peacock blue, soft pinks and bright orange sexiest colours of this season. On the other hand, muted shades of grey and black and earthy tones of beige, brown and khaki will also spell style. Fabrics are natural - cotton, linen mostly.

  •  Team up Capris with short length ethnic kurtis in hues of peacock blue, purple, red, maroonand parrot green.
  • Short flare skirts and knee length halter neck dresses with a scarfof exotic designs are a must have for evening wear.
  • Asymmetrical synthetic kaftans are super hot this season when teamed with a tight fitting mini skirt. Fitted synthetic jackets in Chinese white and lemony yellow work best on any sporty outfit. 
Key Looks :
1. Denim or cotton capris in earthy tones look best when worn below trendy tunic kaftans inspired by the 80s prints. Can be accessorised with bold statement pieces in single tone shades and matching filp-flops.
2. A sporty sleeveless or a racer-back tee will attract all the attention when teamed up with shorts or hot pants, all in vibrant colours like sun yellow, hot pink, etc. Crocs or water friendly sports footwear work best here.
3. Trapez-shaped dresses with naturally inspired prints and excessive green foliage worn with basic pumps, replace the little black dress at the more formal occasions.
4. Trendy tops above roll up denims above unisex sandals can be experimented at whim. Another hot favourite is the boyfriend jeans, apt for the care a damn monsoon look.
5. Mini-skirts in colours of the rainbow should be worn with a white top and accessorised with funky and colourful neck pieces and earrings.

Makeup For the monsoon!


In this article we are giving some tips on Monsoon makeup to get your monsoon season make up done properly.

Monsoon is the season when makeup techniques demands something different than the normal .Monsoon makeup is a makeup which stays long and if by chance you have to face the rain your make up does not comes off.

 How to clean, tone and moisturize your face

  •  For a good makeup base first clean your face properly. Always use the face wash according to your skin type.
  • Analyze your skin type and check what kind of skin you have oily, dry, combination, T-zone oily or so on. Do a self facial to give a revival to your skin.
  • An antibacterial face wash is recommended for pimples, acne .Tap dry your face with the help of a soft towel.
  • Use a good ph balance toner after that.
  • Apply the moisturizer onto the face and message gently with soft hands. This process helps to make your dry skin smooth and oily skin dry .wait for few more minutes so that the skin will absorb all the moisturizer into the skin.

How to apply perfect foundation base:-

  • The most significant thing is to select the foundation which complement your skin tone as well as skin type.
  •  It's necessary to choose the foundation which matches with your skin complexion.
  • Market is flooded with a variety of foundations. It's up to you how to select wisely a foundation according to your complexion.

 How to Apply concealer and compact perfectly:-
  • Concealer is used to hide the minor flaws onto your face such as under eye circles, blemishes, pimples or even scars.
  •  A stick concealer can be your best bet.
  • It is easy to blend and no chances of spill more onto your hands.

Choosing colour of your clothes!


It is important to choose the correct color for the correct skin tone or any amount of good or costly clothes would go to a waste if a person is not wearing clothes according to their skin tone. Skin tones are normally differentiated according to the seasons and the color of the clothes should also be chosen in the same way.

How and what color clothes to choose for a definite skin tone

  • People who have pale or whitish, yellow olive or dark skin are said to have winter skin tone. The best colors for such people who have brown or blue eyes and are a natural brunette or have dark hair should wear clear colors. Clear colors like blue, black pink, bright red all go well with these people who have winter skin tone

  • There are people who have summer skin tone which means that their skin type is pale and pink and these people should use pastels colors more for their skin type. The light colors of summer like lavender plum, light pink, yellow are the shades for these people.

  • Then there are the people who have autumn undertones and they are differentiated with the gold undertones in their skin. They have hazel eyes and may also have golden splints in their eyes. These autumn people should wear clothes more with the shade of beige, caramel and golden. They would look absolutely gorgeous in brown shades and should most definitely avoid shades of blue.

  • The last but not the least is the spring people who have a skin tone with creamy or peachy white hues to it and they look fabulous in dull colors like gold, peach and yellow.

Go french with that braid!


French braids are a new trend among the youngters today. They look hip and cool and are hassle free. A person can team up a French braid with a dress, jeans or even with a cool pair of shorts and it would stand out. Anyone who has a shoulder length hair to long hair can go for the French braid look.

 On the other side they even look beautiful if they are teamed with the Indian traditional attire known as lehenga choli and the salwar kameez. People can braid their own hair in the French style by following 5 simple steps:

5 simple steps to do french braid:

  • First of all apply some styling gel, mousse on your hair to smooth the hair and then blow dry it to do away with the damp look.
  • Then comb to remove hair tangles and take hold of a 3 inch long section of hair just above the forehead and above the bangs of the head.
  • Divide the hair into three even section and take one section of the hair and spin it a top on the other section and repeat with the other part of the hair to plait a simple braid.
  • Then take a section of hair from the left side of the left over hair and incorporate it into the braid with the left section of the plait. Repeat the motion with the right side of the hair.
  • Repeat the motion through out the length of the hair incorporating more sections of hair in each step. At the end one can use a rubber band or a trendy scarf to hold the loose hair at the end.

Thus these five simple steps can make you look younger prettier and smarter with a French braid.

A makeover for the monsoon!


In this article we have compiled a complete makeover for a working woman and college girl including Best Beauty tips for monsoon: clothes to be worn, Footwear, Purses to be carried, Best  Accessories to be selected. Time to stop dreading the monsoon season !

 Clothes to be worn

  • The clothes you choose to wear should not soak up water easily and even if they do they should dry up quickly without losing shape.
  • Silk and cotton clothes are completely no-no for the monsoon season as they soak water easily and becomes loose and limp when wet, thereby, losing its shape. Synthetics like nylon and terylene are ideal for this season because they are wrinkle free and dry up fast and regain their original shape when dry.

  • Rainy days are often considered as grey days. Therefore, to beat the grey days one should chose vibrant colours like turquoise blue or green or orange. Don't forget to add a matching raincoat or an umbrella with it.


  • During monsoon season our feet are susceptible to many an ailment.

  • Among other diseases fungal infection is the most common. One should wear rubber or plastic shoes during this season to prevent the feet from getting wet. Flip flops let your feet breathe and help the moisture evaporate easily. From low -range Bata to high-end Armani and Nike flip flops are available.

  •  Tight shoes that lead to perspiration and foot diseases are a complete no-no. Therefore, one should wear the shoe which fits right. Check the sole before buying a shoe. Sticky rubber sole prevents slipping on wet surfaces.

 Purses to be carried
  • While choosing a handbag or a purse go for a waterproof material like the transparent plastic purses. They are stylish, trendy and your belongings are secured too.

  • One can go for huge roomy bags in which all sorts of belongings can fit. Go for vibrant colors if the bag is not transparent.

 Accessories to be selected

  • Trendy belts can be worn with the denims.
  • Beaded jewellery can be worn for a night party.
  • Danglers worn with salwar kameez or capris or with denims will add glamour to your personality.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Makeup for the Tired Skin!


If you've had a long day and you also have to go out for a dinner maybe, and you;re scared that your tired skin might not look very nice, we have a solution for you! :)
Follow these steps!

Don’t be afraid to apply concealer generously
I saw the extent of my skin condition at a makeup counter, ironically, while having concealer applied on my undereyes. I was getting a new Bobbi Brown Color Corrector because I’d lost my old one and was trying to decide whether I was gonna get it in a different shade, so the sales assistant volunteered to try two shades on me. First, he used up what must’ve been like half a jar of eye cream on my undereyes, then, wow, he applied so much of the corrector. Probably 5 times more than what I use. I was expecting a cakey mess, but it looked great. What I learned from that is, if you need more concealer, don’t be afraid to put on more of it. Much more. Moisturize very well beforehand, and blend blend blend.

2. Try sheer or layered coverage for foundation
Makeup+for+Tired+Skin2 Makeup for Tired SkinTired skin tends to be dry and foundations with heavy coverage might emphasize that. I think it’d be better to use sheer coverage, or layers of it, for a more natural, not-fake-looking finish. Don’t forget the tip above. Use concealer on areas with dark circles, hyperpigmentation, and blemishes, but for the rest of the face that doesn’t need it, put on foundation with sheer coverage, or try mineral makeup or tinted moisturizers.

3. Don’t neglect your brows
Sparse brows, in my opinion, can make a face look tired or older. I find that groomed, shaped, and filled-in brows do make a difference. They help keep you look polished and the eyes more open and awake. Don’t skip eyebrow grooming and eyebrow makeup.

4. You need blush
Blush works wonders for dull, tired complexions. Tired skin is often dull and pale. A blush will provide a subtle hint of color to wake up tired skin. Pick a blush that’s long-lasting and which doesn’t have any tendency to look garish. I would also personally advise against picking something glittery or too shimmery because your pores might look more enlarged than usual when your skin is tired (that happens to my skin) and shimmer/glitter can bring more attention to them.

5. Keep eye makeup as simple as possible
If you have tired skin, then now is not the right time for a smokey eye. The key point to work on with tired skin is the overall complexion—no particular feature needs to stand out. We’re trying to improve (and not to perfect) the appearance of the skin and complexion here, so it’s not the time to be adventurous.
You already have your blush for a hint of color, and you may add a bit more color with the lippie you’ll be using, so you don’t need to bring attention to the eyes. A jumble of things may make the skin look even more tired. Just keep eye makeup very minimal. I would personally leave my lids alone, maybe a little mascara but that’s it.
Lastly, have a little pick-me-up to revitalize yourself. A cup of tea. A manicure. A new pair of shoes or sunglasses. Call a friend for a quick conversation. And when you get more time, catch up on much-needed sleep!

How to use water melon for your skin!

How to Integrate Watermelons in Your Skincare Regimen

    watermelon+scrub Beauty Benefits Of Watermelon: Summer Skin Care Secrets
  • After grating a watermelon, take out the juice and apply it on your face. Keep for fifteen minutes. Wash off with hot water first and then with cold water. This will give you a fresh and clean feeling.

  • If you want to close open pores, mix watermelon juice with crushed mint leaves. Freeze the mixture and rub the ice cubes on your skin. This will also have a cooling and soothing effect on your skin.

  • A cup of watermelon pieces can be smashed and applied on the face to tighten the skin. Leave this pack for ten minutes, relax and then rinse. This exfoliates your skin and gives you a natural facelift. You can also choose to exfoliate your skin by combining mashed watermelon pulp with yoghurt (if you have an oily skin) or with banana (if you have a dry skin).

  • To prepare a natural toner, combine the juice of watermelon with honey and apply it on dry skin. For catering to the needs of oily skin, you need to mix a cup of watermelon juice with two tablespoon of witch hazel; add two spoons of water. Dab it on your face with a cotton ball.

  • Watermelon is used for making natural body scrub  which will add a glowing effect to your body
. Mix one cup of watermelon pulp, crushed in a blender, thoroughly with sugar. Add lemon juice and store it in an air tight container for about a week in the refrigerator. Rub it on your skin for gentle exfoliation whenever you take a bath. In summer, this cool scrub is going to soothe and relieve your tired skin. Watermelon scrub can also be prepared by mixing the pulp with a bit of gram flour. Use this simple recipe to get a bright skin tone effortlessly.

  • Watermelon forms a vital ingredient for face-packs that give you smooth complexion and soft skin. Mix the pulp of watermelon and cucumber in equal quantities and apply it on your face and neck. Leave it on for twenty minutes and rinse. This pack is useful for treating sunburns and tanned skin so that you do not have to compromise when it comes to your looks in the summer.

  • To protect your feet from the scorching heat on dusty summer days, pedicure is a must and what can be better than a watermelon pedicure in the hot season to soothe tired feet? Crush half-a-cup watermelon and strain the juice. Mix crushed almonds (one teaspoon) and yoghurt (quarter cup). Apply the mixture on your feet in circular movements. Remove it with a tissue. Rinse with water to discover gorgeous feet.

Water melon and beauty!


If you think that watermelon is a just one of those delicious fruits that help to quench your thirst and keep your body hydrated throughout the hot summer month. But while ths, let me tell you, it is definitely more than that.  Watermelon is beneficial to your skin and incorporating this sweet and subtly crunchy fruit in your regular diet and beauty regime can prove to be a boon for your beauty needs.

Top Ten Beauty Facts Related to Watermelons

    watermelon+slices Beauty Benefits Of Watermelon: Summer Skin Care Secrets
  • Watermelon is an excellent source of anti-oxidants. Thus, it aids to fight the free radicals which are considered responsible for the occurrence of age-spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Watermelon is efficient in preventing your skin from these damages.

  • Watermelon is loaded with Vitamin A that assists to reduce the size of pores on your skin and consequently, minimize excessive secretion of oil.

  • Watermelon contains 92% water and thus, it helps to hydrate your body and impart a healthy look. When your body is hydrated, the production of collagen is promoted and you get a firm and young-looking skin.

  • The acids contained in watermelon work have exfoliating properties to make your skin radiant.

  • The calorie content of watermelon is low and therefore, eating this fruit keeps you in shape.

  • Watermelon is a natural diuretic that facilitates the flushing out of toxins from your body gently and it cleanses your system to reveal youthful skin.

  • Watermelon has moisturizing properties that boosts the moistness of your skin.

  • Watermelon can rejuvenate and revitalize skin that is dull and affected.

  • Watermelons are known to prevent acnes effectively.

  • Watermelon juice guards your skin from the damages made by the sun.

Learn how to use watermelon in your daily beauty regime : http://ladyblushdotcom.blogspot.in/2012/06/how-to-integrate-watermelons-in-your.html

Body Scrub Facts and Ideas


Here are a few facts about the body scrub that you may be using ...know what's good about them :)

Top Five Homemade Body Scrub Facts And Ideas

While you indulge in some of these homemade body scrubs, here are a few facts you should be aware of:

1. Body scrubs help in opening your skin pores, cleansing them thoroughly and promoting blood circulation throughout the body.

2. Scrubs comprising coffee can be useful in fighting cellulite.

3. Since your dead cells are removed, your smoother and healthy-looking skin is revealed naturally.

4. Body scrubs should be used not more than two times in a week; even homemade body scrubs can damage your skin if you scrub it too frequently.

 5. Body scrubs must be applied when your skin is moist and there is no need to use soap after scrubbing your body.

Home made body scrub!


Here's a little about home made body scrubs , a few recepes that can be made using the ingredients foud in your kitchen :)


Why Make Your Own Homemade Body Scrub?

 Making your own homemade body scrub allows you the freedom to create the right recipe customized according to your skin type. This is an inexpensive way to offer the finest treatment to your body. You can mix ingredients from your own kitchen and attain the perfect combination which is best suited to the needs of your body.

Top Five Easy Homemade Body Scrub Recipes With Kitchen Ingredients

1. Red Lentil Body Scrub: Take some split red lentils (commonly known as ‘masoor dal’ in Indian households) and grind them. Mix this powder with rose water and honey. Use it as a body scrub to maintain healthy skin in summers.
2. Yoghurt-Coffee Moisturizing Body Scrub: Lightly ground coffee powder (one cup) is to be mixed with fresh yoghurt (1/2 cup). Massage your body with this paste in circular motions. It is helpful in making your skin soft and even. The best part of using this scrub is that you need not moisturize after using this scrub.
honey+sugar+scrub Homemade Body Scrub Recipes With Kitchen Ingredients3. Tomato-Rice Body Scrub (for oily skin): Some uncooked rice (known as ‘chawal’ to Indians) should be soaked in water for about thirty minutes. Grind the rice coarsely. Make the puree of some tomatoes and add the rice particles in it. Apply the mixture on your body and let it remain for twenty minutes or so. Wash off with warm water using circular motions. This extremely good for you if you have an oily or combination skin.

4. Honey-Sugar Body Scrub (for dry skin): Take four spoons of sugar and soak it in honey. Make sure that the sugar does not melt. Add two spoons of olive oil. Scrub your body with this mixture. While scrubbing, if you find that the sugar melts, keep adding sugar till you finish scrubbing. Honey is an excellent humectant and promotes moisture retention; olive oil too adds to the moisture content and thus, this scrub works wonders for you if you have a dry skin.

 5. Yellow Lentil-Milk Scrub (for sensitive skin): Soak half cup of yellow lentils (commonly known as ‘arhar’/ “tuvar’ dal in India) in water for thirty minutes. Make a paste and add milk in it. A spoon of chickpea powder (chickpea is generally known as ‘kabuli chana’, ‘kala chana’ and ‘hara chana’ and is easily available in Indian kitchens) and mix till it becomes a thick paste. Use it as a scrub and this skincare recipe is known to be good for sensitive skin types

Getting a Bacial!


A bacial is a facial for the back. Ideally bacials include steaming, exfoliation and moisturizing treatments to give you healthy looking skin on the back. Actually, it is just wonderful for you if you love to go backless or wear deep cuts to look seductively beautiful while revealing your lovely glowing back, but the fun is gone if the skin on your back is full of patches, tanned unevenly and is flawed in one way or the other.

Hence, a back facial goes a long way in restoring your beautiful back and helps to boost your self confidence. Most of the times, our legs and backs get neglected all the time and we fail to realize that these parts of the body are equally important and need equal attention. A bacial is a great way to show that you indeed care for your back.

How To Do a Bacial?
Since the back is a difficult area to reach for, it is better that you leave it to a professional who would be able to help you out with your back facial. Opt for a spa or a beauty salon of your choice and make sure that they are reputed enough so that you can rely on them. It would let you get a clean, radiant and gorgeous back which you can be proud of. Even dry and overstressed skin would benefit from back facials.
Here are a few steps that are included in general:
  • Steaming – It helps in opening the pores on your back and softening the skin as well.
  • Exfoliation- After steaming, an exfoliation treatment is meted out for removal of dead cells. Apart from dead cell removal, this step facilitates the removal of blackheads, oil deposits and whiteheads too.
  • Moisturizing – A hydrating mask is applied after the dirt and dead cells are done away with.
  • Additional treatments – Depending upon your needs and the kind of services offered in the salon, a variety of additional back facial add-on treatments can be opted for. Dermabrasion, bleaching, hot stone massages and relaxing back massages are some such treatments that can be availed.

back facial The Benefits Of Bacials

How to do a Bacial At home


Here it is, a promise made to  you in the previous post...do a bacil at home  :)

How To Do Bacial at Home?

If you want to do back facial at home, it would be wonderful if you could take the help of your mother, your sister or may be a friend you are comfortable with. If nobody as such is available, make sure you invest in back bath tools like a back brush, back scrubber and a spatula that could enable you to reach your back. Moreover, a home-made back facial should be done once a week.
Now follow these steps:
  • Clean your back with a body cleansing milk. If you have acne, try avoiding the application of cleansing milk. So, you can just take a shower and with the help of a sponge and some shower gel, clean your back properly.
  • If you already have a body scrub, use that. Alternately, you can make your own body scrub at home.
  • Apply a hydrating mask all over your back and wait for it to dry. You could use a mask of milk, almond paste and honey if you have normal to dry skin. If the skin on your back is acne and pimple prone, you may make a mask of neem and turmeric.
  • After washing off the mask, a cream massage would be a perfect way to end your back facial. If skin is oily, you may like to go for two-minute gentle massage with rosewater instead of a cream massage.
Bacials: Tips to Remember
  • Back facial is best left in hands of a salon professional.
  • Pregnant women should avoid taking back facial as you may have to lie on your stomach for a long time.
  • If you have any special needs, make your professional aware of it.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Get dual colour, shaded nails!


There is  a super simple technique of creating shaded nails – light to dark like the blue one below, or just a duochromatic finish like the purple and gold below that.  Dress these upp with crystals or silver nail art, but this is just the basic technique of creating these that we wanted to share with you, . Hope you enjoy this and try it out yourself.

 Create Shaded Duochromatic Nails: Tutorial
 Create Shaded Duochromatic Nails: Tutorial
 Create Shaded Duochromatic Nails: Tutorial
 Create Shaded Duochromatic Nails: Tutorial

Pretty simple ? All you need is different colours of nailpaint and a sponge ! Let us  know your results if you try it at home.

Eye Make up For small eyes



Small eyes , present a challenge to do makeup on because with no makeup , they might not look prominent on the face, and with the incorrect amount of makeup, they can look even smaller!

Eyeliner for small eyes

  • Avoid lining the inner rim of the lower lashes .
  • Line on the outside of the lower lash line, leaving a gap between the liner and the lower waterline.
  • For an even brighter wide eyed look- line the inner lower rim and inner corner with white eye pencil. This gives an instant wide eyed look (not shown in pics here)

 Eye Makeup for Small Eyes
Small eyes lined on top and inner bottom

 Eye Makeup for Small Eyes
Small eyes lined on top and outer bottom- eyes appear bigger

 Eye Makeup for Small Eyes
Small eyes lined – with thicker liner extending outwards

Eyeshadow for small eyes
  • Avoid dark colours- they make eyes look smaller . Avoid- dark browns, blacks, navy blues etc

  • Wear lighter shades that reflect light to make eyes appear bigger- shimmer is a good option. Go with lavenders, golds, silver, cream, light browns, soft greens, etc
  • Always highlight the brow bone (the area just under the arch of the eyebrow), with a light colour (white/silver etc). This draws attention to your eyes.

 Eye Makeup for Small Eyes

 Eye Makeup for Small Eyes
Darker shades recede the eye further

 Eye Makeup for Small Eyes

 Eye Makeup for Small Eyes
Lighter shades reflect the light and make eyes stand out

Mascara & Eyebrows for small eyes
  • Apply heavier coats on the outer lashes and softer to the inner lashes (same funda as the extended liner)
  • Shape Eyebrows so that they are thicker in the middle and thinner on the outside

ways of wearing a bright lipstick!


It ‘s happened to all of us- the bright lip phobia. We see a blogger, or a celebrity rocking this really bright, hot lipstick and we rush out and go and buy it…only to find that we are chickening out from actually wearing such a bold lip out in public. Some are scared about people staring at them, while others feel like it clashes against their skin tone. Well, here are three ways of making a bright lipstick work. All the pictures below have the same lipstick shade .

                          #1 : Wear it Full Power, with a neutral eye and dont care about it
 3 Ways To Make a Bright Lipstick Work For You
 worn on its own
Well, the easiest way to make a bright lipstick work. Throw on some attitude and just wear it. It doesn;t matter if people stare, as long as you think you are looking good , the bright lipstick can only add to your confidence. Make sure you keep your eyes on the softer side though

#2 : Wear it under a nude – beige lip gloss
 3 Ways To Make a Bright Lipstick Work For You
Worn with a nude lip gloss
A favourite nude lip gloss for many to tone down a lot of bright coral lipsticks is Maybelline Colorsensational Lip gloss in Crazy for coffee. Beige, nude lipglosses, instantly tone down the color of the lipstick. Specially if you are wearing bright corals, or undertones of pink, these work perfectly. They retain the color of the lipstick, but dont make it too scary to wear either.
                                                                    #3 : Wear it as a tint
 3 Ways To Make a Bright Lipstick Work For You
 Worn as a Tint
No matter how scary a lipstick looks in the tube, it can be made to look just like a ‘my lips but better’ lipstick if worn as a tint in the following way. Press the lipstick down on your lips in 3-4 areas on the lips. Do two in the centre of the bottom lip, and one each on the extreme corner. do not swipe it, just press it down , purse your lips together and you're good to go :)

Quick & Easy Festive Makeup Tutorial..



If you have a wedding to attend or a small family function or something, we have a perfect eye makeup suggestion for you !

Products Used:
  • Eye shadow (Used Green from here)
  • Eye Shine Quartret - (Used darker green from here)
  •  Gold Eyeshadow
  • Eye Liner
  •  Mascara

 Quick & Easy Festive Makeup Tutorial..
Step1: Prime your lids and apply gold eyeshadow to the inner half of your eyelid
 Quick & Easy Festive Makeup Tutorial..
Step 2 :Take a light green eyeshadow and complete the gold from halfway till the outer half
 Quick & Easy Festive Makeup Tutorial..
Step 3: Take a darker green and make a ’> ‘ sign on the outer corner
 Quick & Easy Festive Makeup Tutorial..
Step 4: Blend the harsh line of the ‘ >’ outwards towards your brow. Do not blend too much with the other colors on the inside or it will look muddy

Concealing the dark circles


If diamonds are a girls best friend, then concealer is her best fren-emy. It has all the makings of a best friend- it hides all your secrets (like just how late you slept after partying last night), conceals all your flaws and stays with you throughout the day. Hoewever, you use it incorrectly and it becomes your worst enemy- it can make your panda esque dark circles look like something out of a horror movie !!

Step 1: Choose the right concealer color and consistency
Use concealers that are light and runny under the eye. Thicker concealers get deposited in the lines under the eye . Color wise, theory says that you should choose a yellow concealer for dark purpley circles, and a coral/orange concealer for bluer dark circles. . Essentially – choose concealer just a shade lighter than my foundation (which is yellow toned)- if it blends intoyour skin seamlessy, thats all you need.

Step 2: Identify the darkest areas under your eye. Take your time doing this, its an important step

The darkest areas for some might be  on the inner corner of the eye till halfway down the  eye and then on the outer corner.
 How to Apply Concealer to Under Eye Circles: TutorialThe idea is to apply concealer ONLY where you are the darkest. If you notice the picture above, the area between the two marked areas is not dark and the same color as the rest of the face so a concealer is not needed there. If i were to apply concealer on the entire area, it would just lose its point- The dark areas would become lighter but the light areas would become lighter too, so in contrast the dark areas would still appear darker.

Step3: Take a concealer brush and apply concealer only to areas where you are darkest
 (if you have a runny concealer then they are best applied with a concealer brush. Infact  use a damp brush to get best results)
Just pat down and move quickly, dont drag your brush or try and create strokes. Pat and move.

Step4 : Take your ring finger and blend
The ring finger apparently has the softest touch, so use that and very lightly pat the edges of the concealer to blend it out.

And that's It ! you're done! :) 


Curl without heating!


There can be times when you just want to get rid of your poker straight hair and want some curls on them ! But, heating and using chemicals is harmful for your hair, so , avoiding that would be the right thing to do. But hey, don;t get demoralised, we have a new suggestion for you, a way of curling your hair, without harming them one bit ;)

Here’s what u need to curl your hair

1.a pair of socks (clean ones ) :p
2.water to dampen the hair
3. and of course “your lovely hair”

Tutorial: Curl you hair at home
  • Slightly wet the hair.
  • Roll ur hair over the socks like you would do with a hair roller and tie the ends. You can use more socks depending on your hair quantity.  But, use only 2 if you want  BIG wavy curls. And “its time to go to go to sleep”
  • The next morning , take off the socks and “lo and behold! You have the most amazing hair -friendly curls” . You can use hairsprays if you want but even if you leave them like that, the curls would stay for atleast 9 hours!

1. Chemical + heat free
2. amazing staying power (upto 9 hours)
3. ideal for Dates ( Valentines’ Day)

 There is no cons except you don’t wanna be caught walking around with socks sticking out of your head :p . so the best time is bed time.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sun Glasses for your face structure!


Beat the heat this summer!! One of the most prominent accessory trends we spotted all this while on runways are the sunglasses in all sorts of sizes, colors and prints. So are you ready to see the world through the vibrant and trendy sunglasses? I am sure these sunglasses will make you stand out in a crowd! Choosing sunglasses that suits your face isn’t that easy. Have a look below to get the right pair for your face shape.
                        Face Shapes

Heart Shaped Face
For a heart shaped faces , a style that attracts your attention downward is recommended. Your glasses should impart width to the lower part of your face; bigger styles work fine here but try avoiding anything that poses high and wide. Also, shapes with round edges look nice and soften the wide upper part of your face.

Square Shaped Face
For square faces my aim is not to find out the hard angular lines that will emphasize your features but to soften them with oval or round frames. You can also go for a frame with an amber gradient lens to show off a square face shape.

Round Shaped Face
As round faces have wider cheeks, pick glasses that make your face look longer and thinner.  Pick angular frames and more of horizontal styles to sharpen the features and impart extra length. It’s great for round faces to pull attention to the top of their face for that extra length.

Oval Face Shape
Oval faces are balanced so most of the frames look good on them. There are very less frames that wouldn’t be able to rock so you can actually play with many styles. You can opt for sporting a pair of round sunglasses on your oval shaped face.

No matter what shaped your face is, just make sure that there are no finger marks on your glasses, always use a cover to prevent the lens from scratching and clean them before you wear them.

Make Rose Water at home!


Every girl wants to look young and beautiful. Rose water can help you in achieving your aim. Rose water is an extract from rose petals and act as a natural moisturizer for your skin. You can easily prepare this natural skin care rose water at home. Here is how to make rosewater at home:

1. Take water in a container and boil it. Now add fresh rose petals into it.

2. Cover this container with a lid and let it become cool. After 3-4 hours, keep this covered container in a fridge for at least 24 hours.

3. After cooling it, strain the rose petals and keep it in an air-tight jar.

4. To keep this rose water fresh, again keep it in a refrigerator and take out at the time of use.

Rose water for Healthy Hair!

Rosewater is great for skin but a few only know that it can be great for hair as well.. read on to know how rose water can benefit your hair too :)

1. You can use it as a conditioner for your hair. It’s a natural moisturizer which softens the hair and adds shine.

2. You can also add few drops of rose water in bucket water during your bath. Rinse off after hair wash for silky hair.

3. For the fast hair growth, add avocado or olive oil to rose water. Now, apply this mixture on your scalp and massage for few minutes. Keep it for 2 hours and then rinse off with a good shampoo.

Rose water for your face


For problems brewing on the face, the best remedy can be rose water .Here are some
 uses of rose water for your face.

1. Take a cotton ball and soak it in rose water. Now, apply it on your face. This cleans your face and opens the pores.

2. You can also add drops of rose water to your face pack. It refreshes and moisturizes your skin.

3. You can add rose water to Multani mitti (Fuller’s earth) face pack to get a clean and clear skin. After adding few drops of rose water to your face pack and apply it on your face. Keep it for 15 -20 minutes and then rinse off.

4. Orange face packs are really very useful for your skin. These packs exfoliate the skin and open the pores. Take dry orange peels and grind them properly to make a fine powder. Now, add few drops of rose water and apply it on your face. Keep it for 20 minutes and then wash off with cold water to get a glowing skin.

Keep your nails naturally clean !


Every girl wants the beautiful toes as they make you confident while wearing slippers or going barefoot. So, it is very important to maintain them. Most of us face a problem in maintaining the toenails. Instead of getting pedicure done every fortnight, try these natural foot care tips to get the gorgeous toenails.

Wash: You get dirt and bacteria along when you come back home from outside. Don’t keep yourself in this misconception that if you are wearing shoe, your feet won’t be affected by such bacteria. Use lukewarm water to wash your feet and toenails. This kills the micro organisms. You can also opt for apple cider vinegar to keep your toenails clean.

Use a soft brush: While washing your feet, rub a soft brush gently over the toenails. It removes all the bacteria and dirt at corner of the nails. Now apply an antiseptic soap and scrub with the same brush. You can do this every day after coming from outside.

Keep toenails short: Your feet are exposed to pollution, dust and mud especially those who go outside every day. The best natural way to keep your toenails clean is to have short and well shaped nails. Big toenails may deposit bacteria and fungus. Big toenails are risky too! They can break off anytime and this can be really a big pain.

Nail Filer: You must use a nail filer to keep your toenails clean. First wash your feet before using the filer. Use the pointed stick to clean the corners and end of the toenails. Be soft while taking out the dirt from wet nails. Extra pressure may break your toenails.

Moisturize them: Another important tip is that you should regularly moisturize your feet. It prevents your nails from getting chipped off. Moisturizing really helps to get shiny and soft nails. It avoids cracks too!

Lip colours for this season!


Are you ready to experiment with your luscious lips  If yes, try out some trendy lip shades that suit your skin tone and personality. the simple thumb rule for this summer should be – Keep it matt and keep it bold. Don’t hesitate to try out different colors but make sure that the color should lift up your skin tone.

Before you rush off to follow this trend don’t forget to do some lip maintenance. You don’t need to do much but just the gentle scaling with a wet toothbrush to remove the scaly dead skin. Also apply some good quality Lip Balm to supple your lips.

In this post, we are going to see four trends for your lips and then you can happily go shopping!!

Wet Look: The wet look is in and looks trendy. You can choose colors like pink, coral and red. Wet look consists of glossy colors which are very satiny and quick to apply and moisturizes your lips. Try carrying this wet look with a lot of panache.

Dazzling Trend: This trend comprises of bold and dazzling colors like browns, hot pinks and berry reds. You can also highlight your lips with shiny lip gloss. Another way to make your lips glamorous is by applying glittery lip shades.

Natural Lip Colors: Natural lip color is evergreen and looks extremely stunning. You can just highlight it with gloss and can give a neat sophisticated look. If bold colors are not your choice then also you can look beautiful with natural shades.

For Dusky Beauty: I am dusky and I love to experiment with my makeup. I mostly go for highlighted eyes and bolder colors. If you are also like me then my recommendation is to go for colors like pale orange, bright corals or berry red. But don’t apply orange lip color with wear orange dress. Mix and match properly to carry it with elegance and style.

Monsoon Fashion Do's !


After the scorching heat, get ready for the monsoon season. Fashion changes with time, so the trends. Monsoon is all about rain, mud and puddles. To look fresh and colorful in monsoon, checkout these monsoon fashion tips.

Wear Shorts: Shorts are apt for this season as you will find lots of puddles around.
You don’t need to buy new shorts; you can wear your summer shorts in the monsoon season too. Shorts till or above knee looks good in monsoons.
You can definitely carry a chic look with these shorts.

Wear Florals: Monsoon is a season of vibrant colors. It’s a season of love and romance so it shouldn’t be lived with dull and sad colors.
Try bright floral prints this season to give a fresh look to your personality.

Accessories: This is my favorite fashion thing. Accessories like hats, trendy neckpieces, rings, anklet and toe rings will definitely add up to your chic look.

Monsoon fashion Don'ts !


The monsoon is almost here ! It's time to change your wardrobe a bit, ans stay updated with the weather . Wearing the right colours, right clothes and shoes is very important.
Read on to update your fashion knowledge for this season!

Light Colors:

 Don’t wear light colored outfits especially the bottoms. Mud can spoil your outfits. Try wearing bright colors like dark green, orange, yellow and fluorescent colors.
You can go for bright colored tops with plain slim-fit pants or trousers.
Another problem with light colors is they become transparent after getting wet. So, try to wear as many dark clothes as possible.

Flip-Flops: Flip flops?? A big no-no for this season. You can go for slippers but make sure that they fit in properly in your feet. This will help in avoiding unwanted mud stains on your legs and outfits.

Leather: It can spoil due to the humid weather. So, whether it’s your footgear or an outfit; try
avoiding leather products in the monsoon season.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Tips to make/keep you thin!


One treat at a time. It is ok to have a cheeseburger once in a while but don't use the justification that since you are already splurging that it ok to order the French Fries along with it. Allow yourself an occasional treat, as long as it is accompanied by smarter food choices like fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you can't just have one - avoid them. There are some treats that you can't just have one so it is best to just avoid those treats altogether. You may discover that a chocolate chip cookie triggers uncontrollable cravings but one square of dark chocolate appeases your sweet tooth quite nicely.

Don't lose weight for some one else. Reset your weight lost goals so they revolve soley around you. Sit down and figure out the benefits to you of changing your lifestyle. Writing down your goals can really help.

Avoid winter weight gain. Keep a bikini or a skimpy sun dress on the back door of your bathroom so you can visualize yourself wearing it every time you head for the leftovers.

Genetics are not on your side but… there are still things you can do. First of all set realistic expectations. First of all, you may never be a size two but that doesn't mean you can't be a healthy size 10. Small things like walking to the grocery store, choosing the stairs over the escalator can really make a diiference. Research shows that people who are physically fit and maybe carry a few extra pounds as opposed to people who are their ideal size and not physically fit.

After that workout I can eat anything. Most people over estimate the amount of calories burned. After a great workout reward yourself with a bath or a massage not food.

Avoid buffets. Most people love buffets because of the variety but they also tend to overindulge. To be safe just avoid them.

Remember make lifestyle changes don't diet. Quite simply diets don't work long-term so you are better off to make simple lifestyle changes and keep them up over time.

Avoid the hefty salad. A salad heaped with tons of toppings can be just as many calories as a burger. Be realistic about what goes on your salad. Adding a ton of croutons and you might as well be eating a sandwich.

Sweet and Carbs boost your serotonin but thankfully so does exercise,sex and low-fat carbohydrates so choose wisely.

Just because you brought it at the health food section doesn't mean it is healthy. Organic potato chips have just as many fat grams as regular potato chips so be warned.

Pace yourself with the slowest eater at the table. Studies have shown that eating slower can be more enjoyable and led to less calorie consumption.

Let's meet for a walk instead of let meet for drinks. Either way you are getting the same social interaction but also doing something good for yourself. Studies have shown that having an exercise buddy can lead to longer exercise.

Boost your energy!


Low energy levels could have some hidden causes. Here are some things to watch for.

  • An iron deficiency - Foods that can up your iron include meat, beans and cereals and vitamin C can promote the absorption of iron.

  • Allergies - An allergy can cause a lack of energy.

  • Poor sleep - Not getting enough sleep can zap energy levels. It is important to get eight hours of sleep but this sleep should also be uninterupted. If you're having trouble sleeping try exercising during the day. Be sure not to exercise right before you go to bed.

  • Low blood sugar - Be sure to eat a proper breakfast in the morning because When you wake up your body has a burst of energy which requires fueling. To keep your blood sugar level through out the day, eat smaller meals and healthier snacks every few hours and also eat before you feel hungry.

  • Avoid too many carbs and sugary foods like sodas and candy.

  • To boost your energy in the middle of that long work day, try taking a 15 minute walk. Fresh air and sunshine will also help.

  • Be sure you drink water. Dehydration can really zap your energy

Dry Skin Relief!


Here's a little bit about dry skin...

Some causes of dry skin are:

  • Cold weather and low humidity
  • Central heating can make air dry which can cause dry skin.
  • Aging - Lower estrogen levels, thinning skin, and the fact that our skin can not produce enough oils are some of the reasons our skin is more prone to dryness as we age.
  • Dry skin affects people who have skin type I or II more frequently.
  • In some cases dehydration, malnutrition, diabetes, eczema or low thyroid hormones can cause dry skin.

Treating dry skin:

  • When you shower use lukewarm water and don't take long showers or baths.

  • Apply moisturizer while skin is still damp to seal in moisture.

  • Use mild soap and avoid perfumed soaps.

  • Use a humidifier at home.

  • Avoid skin care products that contain alcohol.

  • Don't wash your face too frequently.

  • Use moisturizers which contain emollients. Emollients, such as urea and mineral oils, soften skin and provide a barrier to keep moisture in and harmful agents out. Your moisturizer should also have lipids (fat or waxes) such as cholesterol, lecithin or glycerol.

  • Dry skin can cause flaky and rough skin. To get rid of the layer of dead skin use a gentle exfoliant containing alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acid.

  • Wear sunscreen.

  • Apply moisturizer frequently.