Saturday, 2 June 2012

10 Minute Hairstyles!


Stop spending so much time on making hairstyles , it's time to be quick ! Follow these steps to making quick hairstyles , all you need is 10 minutes!

The Barely There Wave

This look is really easy, which is great because wavy hair is in right now.

  • First, mist your hair with water and apply a dab of curl-enhancing cream to your damp hair.
  • Now pull strands up into a centered ponytail at the crown of your head. 
  • Twist and wrap the tail around the  elastic into a loose bun and secure with bobby pins,. 
  • Then, blow-dry it in place for a few minutes to set the style.
  • Once you unravel your hair and take the ponytail down, your tresses will have a soft wave to them
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Sultry Curls

Beachy curls look wow anywhere. For this look, you'll need dry shampoo, hairspray, and a one-inch curling iron. 

  • First,  divide your hair into about eight sections.
  •  Wrap each one around the iron, holding it there for five seconds
  •  Unwind, then hairspray each section for hold.
  •  Once you've curled your entire head, run your fingers through your curls to separate them.
  •  Lastly, massage the dry shampoo into your roots and scalp to amp up the volume.
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Braided Bun

Braids are really in right now, and they're very easy to make.
  • To score this look, first brush your hair back into a high pony on the crown and secure it with an elastic. 
  • Next, braid the tail. 
  • Gently coil the braid into a bun and fasten it in place with bobby pins.

Flipped Out

This bed-head look is simple but so seductive. 

  • First, apply serum to your dry locks to tame flyaways and smooth your mane. 
  •  lightly flatiron your hair in inch-wide sections all over the head, flipping out ends instead of flattening them.
  •  For the finishing touch, dip your fingers in pomade and twist the ends of your strands. 
  • You'll have the sleek, straight look with ends that are a bit more funky and tousled

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The Classic Knot

For this sleek look, you'll need to first apply a dab of serum to your locks to tame them. 

  •  Part your hair in the center and brush back the sides into a smooth, low ponytail at the nape of your neck.
  •  Next, twist the tail tightly (so the ends don't pop out) and wrap it around the elastic to create a slick bun, tucking the ends of the tail behind the bun. 
  • Secure it with bobby pins.
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Sexy Undulations

Step one to scoring them:

  •  Divide your hair into five sections all around the head and braid each section. They don't have to be tight or neat,
  •  Run a flatiron over each braid, clamping them for about 10 seconds.
  •   Once cool, unravel braids and run your fingers through your hair to break up the sections. 
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Faux Bob

This fake-out style works best with curly hair, . 

  •  Use a one-inch iron and softly curl the hair framing your face. 
  •  put your hair up in a super-loose ponytail so that the front drapes down right at chin-level (It's okay if a few pieces fall free).
  •  twist the ponytail and roll it under, right at the nape of your neck. Tuck it in so you can't see the hair and secure with a few bobby pins.
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