Friday, 1 June 2012

Make healthy food choices!


We know eating is fun and sometimes when you're out with your friends you just can't help but snack on something yummy , but you know what , it might just turn out to be unhealthy for you. And, doing this everyday can cause a lot of health problems . So here are a few suggestions for you- Little things you can do to you make better food choices !

  • Change your grocery list. Instead of the chips get air popped popcorn and avoid and partially hydrogenated oils.

  • Choose high fiber foods. A good rule of thumb is try to aim for 2 or more grams of fiber per 100 calories.

  • Avoid High Fructose. It is just another way to add sugar to your diet.

  • Compare ingredients and go for the product with the shortest list, which means less processing fewer additives and frequently fewer calories

  • Make good nutrition convenience. Try banishing junk food and buying nutritious stuff for yourself and your family. Always have a full fruit bowl.

  • Be prepared. Have nutritious provisions at work and in the car if you need them.

  • Before a party - eat a yogurt or an apple to help curb your appetite.

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