Sunday, 24 June 2012

Concealing the dark circles


If diamonds are a girls best friend, then concealer is her best fren-emy. It has all the makings of a best friend- it hides all your secrets (like just how late you slept after partying last night), conceals all your flaws and stays with you throughout the day. Hoewever, you use it incorrectly and it becomes your worst enemy- it can make your panda esque dark circles look like something out of a horror movie !!

Step 1: Choose the right concealer color and consistency
Use concealers that are light and runny under the eye. Thicker concealers get deposited in the lines under the eye . Color wise, theory says that you should choose a yellow concealer for dark purpley circles, and a coral/orange concealer for bluer dark circles. . Essentially – choose concealer just a shade lighter than my foundation (which is yellow toned)- if it blends intoyour skin seamlessy, thats all you need.

Step 2: Identify the darkest areas under your eye. Take your time doing this, its an important step

The darkest areas for some might be  on the inner corner of the eye till halfway down the  eye and then on the outer corner.
 How to Apply Concealer to Under Eye Circles: TutorialThe idea is to apply concealer ONLY where you are the darkest. If you notice the picture above, the area between the two marked areas is not dark and the same color as the rest of the face so a concealer is not needed there. If i were to apply concealer on the entire area, it would just lose its point- The dark areas would become lighter but the light areas would become lighter too, so in contrast the dark areas would still appear darker.

Step3: Take a concealer brush and apply concealer only to areas where you are darkest
 (if you have a runny concealer then they are best applied with a concealer brush. Infact  use a damp brush to get best results)
Just pat down and move quickly, dont drag your brush or try and create strokes. Pat and move.

Step4 : Take your ring finger and blend
The ring finger apparently has the softest touch, so use that and very lightly pat the edges of the concealer to blend it out.

And that's It ! you're done! :) 


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