Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sun Glasses for your face structure!


Beat the heat this summer!! One of the most prominent accessory trends we spotted all this while on runways are the sunglasses in all sorts of sizes, colors and prints. So are you ready to see the world through the vibrant and trendy sunglasses? I am sure these sunglasses will make you stand out in a crowd! Choosing sunglasses that suits your face isn’t that easy. Have a look below to get the right pair for your face shape.
                        Face Shapes

Heart Shaped Face
For a heart shaped faces , a style that attracts your attention downward is recommended. Your glasses should impart width to the lower part of your face; bigger styles work fine here but try avoiding anything that poses high and wide. Also, shapes with round edges look nice and soften the wide upper part of your face.

Square Shaped Face
For square faces my aim is not to find out the hard angular lines that will emphasize your features but to soften them with oval or round frames. You can also go for a frame with an amber gradient lens to show off a square face shape.

Round Shaped Face
As round faces have wider cheeks, pick glasses that make your face look longer and thinner.  Pick angular frames and more of horizontal styles to sharpen the features and impart extra length. It’s great for round faces to pull attention to the top of their face for that extra length.

Oval Face Shape
Oval faces are balanced so most of the frames look good on them. There are very less frames that wouldn’t be able to rock so you can actually play with many styles. You can opt for sporting a pair of round sunglasses on your oval shaped face.

No matter what shaped your face is, just make sure that there are no finger marks on your glasses, always use a cover to prevent the lens from scratching and clean them before you wear them.

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