Saturday, 2 June 2012

Treat the Acne!


Many of us face a lot of skin problems, the most common one being ACNE. It is caused due to improper care of the skin. Dirty and oily skin is prone to have acne. Not only on the face but neck, chest and back of the body can be affected .Your face gets more exposure to dirt and germs in comparison to other parts of body. Hence, the face is the most affected part of your body.

Here are some tips which can be followed for treating your acne problem :

  • Keep your skin clean. Always wash your face when you come back from outside. Wash it with special soap for acne. Make sure you don’t wash  harshly and also make sure that washing should be limited to say 2-3 times only. Frequent washing can increase the number of pimples on the face.

  • Exercising is good for health as the blood circulates through the whole body and delivers fresh oxygen, perspiration after exercise is an obvious thing. This collection of sweat will lead to collection of dirt and germs. This is responsible for increasing acne. So, after performing exercise you should take a bath and change into fresh clothes. This will help in decreasing the acne effect.

  • Tie up your hair. If you have bangs and hair falling on your face, you must make it a point to keep them back . Constant touching of your hair on the skin can make cause deposition of dirt and hair oil which can be harmful for the acne affected skin.
  • Avoid pricking, scratching and touching the pimples. If they are squeezed than the dirt particles will spread out in the unaffected areas. Instead of helping, this will add more and more pimples on the face and so one should stay away from doing this.

  • Wash away the makeup. Before going to bed, remove your makeup. Chemicals in the makeup can really aggravate the problem, hence, it;s best not to use makeup on the acne at all or else, you can go for natural products makeup.

  • Non-oily lotions and moisturizers should be used, as the oil present in these lotions will not suit the acne affected skin. Check the bottle before you buy one.

  • Diet also plays an important role in improving the condition of acne. Junk food, colas, caffeine, high-sugar content food should be avoided. Instead go with salads, whole wheat bread, oats, fresh fruits & vegetables, carrots & other vitamin A rich food. This will help in decreasing the acne effect.

  • Keep your body hydrated. Drinking little amount of water will increase the dead skin cells and this will lead to dirty skin. Dirty skin will be responsible for more pimples.

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