Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A makeover for the monsoon!


In this article we have compiled a complete makeover for a working woman and college girl including Best Beauty tips for monsoon: clothes to be worn, Footwear, Purses to be carried, Best  Accessories to be selected. Time to stop dreading the monsoon season !

 Clothes to be worn

  • The clothes you choose to wear should not soak up water easily and even if they do they should dry up quickly without losing shape.
  • Silk and cotton clothes are completely no-no for the monsoon season as they soak water easily and becomes loose and limp when wet, thereby, losing its shape. Synthetics like nylon and terylene are ideal for this season because they are wrinkle free and dry up fast and regain their original shape when dry.

  • Rainy days are often considered as grey days. Therefore, to beat the grey days one should chose vibrant colours like turquoise blue or green or orange. Don't forget to add a matching raincoat or an umbrella with it.


  • During monsoon season our feet are susceptible to many an ailment.

  • Among other diseases fungal infection is the most common. One should wear rubber or plastic shoes during this season to prevent the feet from getting wet. Flip flops let your feet breathe and help the moisture evaporate easily. From low -range Bata to high-end Armani and Nike flip flops are available.

  •  Tight shoes that lead to perspiration and foot diseases are a complete no-no. Therefore, one should wear the shoe which fits right. Check the sole before buying a shoe. Sticky rubber sole prevents slipping on wet surfaces.

 Purses to be carried
  • While choosing a handbag or a purse go for a waterproof material like the transparent plastic purses. They are stylish, trendy and your belongings are secured too.

  • One can go for huge roomy bags in which all sorts of belongings can fit. Go for vibrant colors if the bag is not transparent.

 Accessories to be selected

  • Trendy belts can be worn with the denims.
  • Beaded jewellery can be worn for a night party.
  • Danglers worn with salwar kameez or capris or with denims will add glamour to your personality.

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