Sunday, 24 June 2012

Curl without heating!


There can be times when you just want to get rid of your poker straight hair and want some curls on them ! But, heating and using chemicals is harmful for your hair, so , avoiding that would be the right thing to do. But hey, don;t get demoralised, we have a new suggestion for you, a way of curling your hair, without harming them one bit ;)

Here’s what u need to curl your hair

1.a pair of socks (clean ones ) :p
2.water to dampen the hair
3. and of course “your lovely hair”

Tutorial: Curl you hair at home
  • Slightly wet the hair.
  • Roll ur hair over the socks like you would do with a hair roller and tie the ends. You can use more socks depending on your hair quantity.  But, use only 2 if you want  BIG wavy curls. And “its time to go to go to sleep”
  • The next morning , take off the socks and “lo and behold! You have the most amazing hair -friendly curls” . You can use hairsprays if you want but even if you leave them like that, the curls would stay for atleast 9 hours!

1. Chemical + heat free
2. amazing staying power (upto 9 hours)
3. ideal for Dates ( Valentines’ Day)

 There is no cons except you don’t wanna be caught walking around with socks sticking out of your head :p . so the best time is bed time.

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