Monday, 25 June 2012

How to use water melon for your skin!

How to Integrate Watermelons in Your Skincare Regimen

    watermelon+scrub Beauty Benefits Of Watermelon: Summer Skin Care Secrets
  • After grating a watermelon, take out the juice and apply it on your face. Keep for fifteen minutes. Wash off with hot water first and then with cold water. This will give you a fresh and clean feeling.

  • If you want to close open pores, mix watermelon juice with crushed mint leaves. Freeze the mixture and rub the ice cubes on your skin. This will also have a cooling and soothing effect on your skin.

  • A cup of watermelon pieces can be smashed and applied on the face to tighten the skin. Leave this pack for ten minutes, relax and then rinse. This exfoliates your skin and gives you a natural facelift. You can also choose to exfoliate your skin by combining mashed watermelon pulp with yoghurt (if you have an oily skin) or with banana (if you have a dry skin).

  • To prepare a natural toner, combine the juice of watermelon with honey and apply it on dry skin. For catering to the needs of oily skin, you need to mix a cup of watermelon juice with two tablespoon of witch hazel; add two spoons of water. Dab it on your face with a cotton ball.

  • Watermelon is used for making natural body scrub  which will add a glowing effect to your body
. Mix one cup of watermelon pulp, crushed in a blender, thoroughly with sugar. Add lemon juice and store it in an air tight container for about a week in the refrigerator. Rub it on your skin for gentle exfoliation whenever you take a bath. In summer, this cool scrub is going to soothe and relieve your tired skin. Watermelon scrub can also be prepared by mixing the pulp with a bit of gram flour. Use this simple recipe to get a bright skin tone effortlessly.

  • Watermelon forms a vital ingredient for face-packs that give you smooth complexion and soft skin. Mix the pulp of watermelon and cucumber in equal quantities and apply it on your face and neck. Leave it on for twenty minutes and rinse. This pack is useful for treating sunburns and tanned skin so that you do not have to compromise when it comes to your looks in the summer.

  • To protect your feet from the scorching heat on dusty summer days, pedicure is a must and what can be better than a watermelon pedicure in the hot season to soothe tired feet? Crush half-a-cup watermelon and strain the juice. Mix crushed almonds (one teaspoon) and yoghurt (quarter cup). Apply the mixture on your feet in circular movements. Remove it with a tissue. Rinse with water to discover gorgeous feet.

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