Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Choosing colour of your clothes!


It is important to choose the correct color for the correct skin tone or any amount of good or costly clothes would go to a waste if a person is not wearing clothes according to their skin tone. Skin tones are normally differentiated according to the seasons and the color of the clothes should also be chosen in the same way.

How and what color clothes to choose for a definite skin tone

  • People who have pale or whitish, yellow olive or dark skin are said to have winter skin tone. The best colors for such people who have brown or blue eyes and are a natural brunette or have dark hair should wear clear colors. Clear colors like blue, black pink, bright red all go well with these people who have winter skin tone

  • There are people who have summer skin tone which means that their skin type is pale and pink and these people should use pastels colors more for their skin type. The light colors of summer like lavender plum, light pink, yellow are the shades for these people.

  • Then there are the people who have autumn undertones and they are differentiated with the gold undertones in their skin. They have hazel eyes and may also have golden splints in their eyes. These autumn people should wear clothes more with the shade of beige, caramel and golden. They would look absolutely gorgeous in brown shades and should most definitely avoid shades of blue.

  • The last but not the least is the spring people who have a skin tone with creamy or peachy white hues to it and they look fabulous in dull colors like gold, peach and yellow.

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