Monday, 4 June 2012

3 Things you should do when you wake up


How do you really start your day? If it's a work day, you probably wake up to your alarm wit a jerk and zoom out to get ready. Simple movements can help you relax and ground yourself for your day, rather than zooming through your morning, full of stress and a racing mind.

Do these simple steps before you even get out of your bed..
1. Gently flex and point your feet for 15-30 seconds. This is a good way to gently begin to activate your musculature and to bring your awareness to your feet, which is literally grounding. Then, wiggle your fingers and gently open and close you hands into a fist shape for 15-30 seconds. This can really help you .

Next, as you get out of bed ...

2. Consciously place your feet on the floor. Stand there for a moment, fully aware of the floor beneath you, and concentrate on feeling grounded.

Finally ...

3. Do a gentle hamstring stretch. "This will sustain your connection to the ground, and delay the pulling up into your upper body that leads not only to a lack of feeling grounded, but to tension in your neck and shoulders. The more grounded and "in your body" you can start your day,  the more you will be able to carry this feeling and awareness into the rest of your day.

 If you can bring yourself back into your body and release the tension in your muscles, then, you're more able to cope with stress, and you're more emotionally aware and alive. Not only are you carrying less tension in your neck and shoulders, but if you can maintain an awareness of being in your body, then it's easier to not get caught up and swept away in the worries and anxieties.

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