Monday, 4 June 2012

Date night : what to splurge on ?


When planning to go out on a date, there's no need to splurge on unnecessary what you want to spend on and be very form with your decisions..know what you want to buy when you're shopping and it should be very specific, guys do not notice everrything ..just a few things .. read on to know more.


  • Perfume
Splurging on a nice bottle of perfume is totally worth it.Just do a little dab at the pulse points.


  • New Heels

Guys really zero in on heels, and the right pair can really work wonders. If you already have a pair that you love, polish them beforehand so they don't look worn-in or take them to your local cobbler for an inexpensive facelift.

  • Getting Your Hair Done
Guys don;t know what a blow out is, but they do notice when your hair look different, go out or do it yourself, change the hairstyle a bit.

  • A Manicure


Guys can't figure out the brand of the nail paint that you've put , but they do notice the shine on your nails and pretty tips make you look polished. Plus, wearing a fun shade just reinforces that you're a cool girl who isn't afraid to try new thing

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