Saturday, 2 June 2012

Choosing the right moisturiser !


It's very important to protect your skin in all weathers, it is one part of your body which is always directly exposed to the sun or the harsh cold winds. Using a moisturiser is very important in these situations as it keeps your skin hydrated at all times. However, you must also know what kind of a body lotion is suitable for your skin.

  • There are basically two kinds of moisturiseres available in the market , . there are ones which have high content of oil in comparison to water while some have high content of water in comparison to oil. The first type is generally said oil-based moisturizer and the latter type is addressed as water-based moisturizers.

  • DRY SKIN : If you have dry skin this means that it lacks oil content. So a moisturizer should be chosen in such a way which helps to regain the oil and moisture content of the skin. It should also keep the skin soft and smooth. Oil-based moisturizers are good if you have dry skin. Extra oils in the moisturizers will help to increase the oil content of the skin. It will also help to lock the water in the skin so that the skin doesn’t become dry easily. . If your skin near eyes get dried up easily then choose night creams which are rich in oils, as it will help to keep the skin near eyes moisturized.

  • OILY SKIN : If you have oily skin, it means that oil content in the skin is much more than the normal skin. Oily skin is prone to acne and pimple problem. So, a moisturizer should be chosen in such a way that it doesn’t increase the oil content and also helps to fight against acne problems. Oil-free moisturizers should be used, if you have oily skin. Water-based moisturizers can also be considered as a good option as it contains more water which helps to keep the skin hydrated. Make sure that you check the label and ingredients of the moisturizer carefully as oily skin gets affected by wrong things easily. Select lotions instead of creams.

  • Protection from the sun : Now-a-days moisturizers are available which will help in protecting you against the sun rays. You can choose these moisturizers as they contain good amount of SPF between 15 and 30. These moisturizers work to maintain the moisture content of skin and as a sunscreen lotion too. Before buying a moisturizer, always keep in mind to select one which has least harmful chemicals. Some chemicals can affect the skin badly and so it is important to select the ones which are natural or ones which have least content of chemicals. Also select the ones which are fragrance-free, as sometimes this fragrance can start some skin irritation problem or other problems on the skin. Select a moisturizer carefully and apply it daily on the skin to keep it smooth and soft.

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