Saturday, 2 June 2012

Makeup tips for dark skinned women!

While applying makeup , it's very important that the makeup should match the colour tone of your skin. Whether it is foundation or eye shadow or mascara or lipstick or blusher, everything has to be perfect.
Here are some tips for dark skinned women for applying makeup:
  • Foundation is the first step to start the makeup. Women with dark skin have advantage that due to their dark complexion they have even-toned skin and so it has tendency to shine. Hence, liquid foundation should be selected in such a way that its shade matches the color tone of skin approximately but should not be of light shade.
  • After applying foundation, you should apply powder as it eliminates the shiny effect from face which is common in dark skinned women.
  • Next is the blusher. If blush color is red,  peach, orange or shades of bronze then it is acceptable. Brown blush color should be avoided. For shinny effect, bronze and gold as blush color would be advisable.
  • Eye shadow comes next. Shade of gold is the perfect choice and shades like white or silver or natural colors should be avoided. Purple, blue and burgundy or some metallic colors will also work in place of gold.
  • For shiny mascara you can choose either a brown or a black shade. This will give glamorous look.
  • Use of eyeliner is optional. If you are choosing to put one on, then choose the one which matches shade of your eye shadow and your skin color.
  • For lipstick, it is advisable to choose shades like maroon, bronze, peach, plum and gold. Don’t opt for black shade either for lipstick or lip liner. This will make you look bad. For shiny and sparkly effect you can apply gloss over the lipstick.
  • For choosing lip liner, choose one which flaunts your lips perfectly. Keep in mind your lipstick color and then only choose lip liner color accordingly.

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