Monday, 4 June 2012

What Do Your Clothes Say About You ?

It is often said that you can jjudge a person's personality only by looking at his/her clothes. Here's what your clothes suggest about you!

  • If you keep every piece of clothing that you've every owned, you might be clinging on to the past .

  • If you wear only neutrals and largely devoid of accessories, you might be stuck in a psychological rut, too scared to shake it up,  or draw attention to yourself.

  • If you dress in clothing that's too large for your body, you might be seein your body differently than how it actually is.

  • If you've been told that you've dressed up inappropriately or too sexily, you might be assuming the same outfit to be appropriate for every ocassion or might be trying to draw too much attention.

  • If you dress too young or too old for your age, you might be trying to express the age you feel you are, but getting caught in your actual and internal age.

  • If you're always in work clothes, you might be valuing yourself through work or work related accomplishments.

  • If you are covered in designer logos, you might think you need to broadcast wealth in order to be treated well by others.

  • If you live in a mm outfit of a jeans and a hoodie,  you might put the needs of your family before your own.

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