Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Keep your nails naturally clean !


Every girl wants the beautiful toes as they make you confident while wearing slippers or going barefoot. So, it is very important to maintain them. Most of us face a problem in maintaining the toenails. Instead of getting pedicure done every fortnight, try these natural foot care tips to get the gorgeous toenails.

Wash: You get dirt and bacteria along when you come back home from outside. Don’t keep yourself in this misconception that if you are wearing shoe, your feet won’t be affected by such bacteria. Use lukewarm water to wash your feet and toenails. This kills the micro organisms. You can also opt for apple cider vinegar to keep your toenails clean.

Use a soft brush: While washing your feet, rub a soft brush gently over the toenails. It removes all the bacteria and dirt at corner of the nails. Now apply an antiseptic soap and scrub with the same brush. You can do this every day after coming from outside.

Keep toenails short: Your feet are exposed to pollution, dust and mud especially those who go outside every day. The best natural way to keep your toenails clean is to have short and well shaped nails. Big toenails may deposit bacteria and fungus. Big toenails are risky too! They can break off anytime and this can be really a big pain.

Nail Filer: You must use a nail filer to keep your toenails clean. First wash your feet before using the filer. Use the pointed stick to clean the corners and end of the toenails. Be soft while taking out the dirt from wet nails. Extra pressure may break your toenails.

Moisturize them: Another important tip is that you should regularly moisturize your feet. It prevents your nails from getting chipped off. Moisturizing really helps to get shiny and soft nails. It avoids cracks too!

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