Sunday, 24 June 2012

ways of wearing a bright lipstick!


It ‘s happened to all of us- the bright lip phobia. We see a blogger, or a celebrity rocking this really bright, hot lipstick and we rush out and go and buy it…only to find that we are chickening out from actually wearing such a bold lip out in public. Some are scared about people staring at them, while others feel like it clashes against their skin tone. Well, here are three ways of making a bright lipstick work. All the pictures below have the same lipstick shade .

                          #1 : Wear it Full Power, with a neutral eye and dont care about it
 3 Ways To Make a Bright Lipstick Work For You
 worn on its own
Well, the easiest way to make a bright lipstick work. Throw on some attitude and just wear it. It doesn;t matter if people stare, as long as you think you are looking good , the bright lipstick can only add to your confidence. Make sure you keep your eyes on the softer side though

#2 : Wear it under a nude – beige lip gloss
 3 Ways To Make a Bright Lipstick Work For You
Worn with a nude lip gloss
A favourite nude lip gloss for many to tone down a lot of bright coral lipsticks is Maybelline Colorsensational Lip gloss in Crazy for coffee. Beige, nude lipglosses, instantly tone down the color of the lipstick. Specially if you are wearing bright corals, or undertones of pink, these work perfectly. They retain the color of the lipstick, but dont make it too scary to wear either.
                                                                    #3 : Wear it as a tint
 3 Ways To Make a Bright Lipstick Work For You
 Worn as a Tint
No matter how scary a lipstick looks in the tube, it can be made to look just like a ‘my lips but better’ lipstick if worn as a tint in the following way. Press the lipstick down on your lips in 3-4 areas on the lips. Do two in the centre of the bottom lip, and one each on the extreme corner. do not swipe it, just press it down , purse your lips together and you're good to go :)

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