Monday, 25 June 2012

Makeup for the Tired Skin!


If you've had a long day and you also have to go out for a dinner maybe, and you;re scared that your tired skin might not look very nice, we have a solution for you! :)
Follow these steps!

Don’t be afraid to apply concealer generously
I saw the extent of my skin condition at a makeup counter, ironically, while having concealer applied on my undereyes. I was getting a new Bobbi Brown Color Corrector because I’d lost my old one and was trying to decide whether I was gonna get it in a different shade, so the sales assistant volunteered to try two shades on me. First, he used up what must’ve been like half a jar of eye cream on my undereyes, then, wow, he applied so much of the corrector. Probably 5 times more than what I use. I was expecting a cakey mess, but it looked great. What I learned from that is, if you need more concealer, don’t be afraid to put on more of it. Much more. Moisturize very well beforehand, and blend blend blend.

2. Try sheer or layered coverage for foundation
Makeup+for+Tired+Skin2 Makeup for Tired SkinTired skin tends to be dry and foundations with heavy coverage might emphasize that. I think it’d be better to use sheer coverage, or layers of it, for a more natural, not-fake-looking finish. Don’t forget the tip above. Use concealer on areas with dark circles, hyperpigmentation, and blemishes, but for the rest of the face that doesn’t need it, put on foundation with sheer coverage, or try mineral makeup or tinted moisturizers.

3. Don’t neglect your brows
Sparse brows, in my opinion, can make a face look tired or older. I find that groomed, shaped, and filled-in brows do make a difference. They help keep you look polished and the eyes more open and awake. Don’t skip eyebrow grooming and eyebrow makeup.

4. You need blush
Blush works wonders for dull, tired complexions. Tired skin is often dull and pale. A blush will provide a subtle hint of color to wake up tired skin. Pick a blush that’s long-lasting and which doesn’t have any tendency to look garish. I would also personally advise against picking something glittery or too shimmery because your pores might look more enlarged than usual when your skin is tired (that happens to my skin) and shimmer/glitter can bring more attention to them.

5. Keep eye makeup as simple as possible
If you have tired skin, then now is not the right time for a smokey eye. The key point to work on with tired skin is the overall complexion—no particular feature needs to stand out. We’re trying to improve (and not to perfect) the appearance of the skin and complexion here, so it’s not the time to be adventurous.
You already have your blush for a hint of color, and you may add a bit more color with the lippie you’ll be using, so you don’t need to bring attention to the eyes. A jumble of things may make the skin look even more tired. Just keep eye makeup very minimal. I would personally leave my lids alone, maybe a little mascara but that’s it.
Lastly, have a little pick-me-up to revitalize yourself. A cup of tea. A manicure. A new pair of shoes or sunglasses. Call a friend for a quick conversation. And when you get more time, catch up on much-needed sleep!

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