Saturday, 16 June 2012

Avoiding Late night eating!

You inhale a light yogurt for lunch and eat hardly anything all day so by the end of the day you are so hungry that all your discipline goes out the window. You have a night eating habit and are someone who uses food not as fuel but as an antidote to stress.
There are two troubling behaviors that come into play with night eating and those are mindless consumption and lack of portion control. This can make trying to lose weight extremely difficult and can also increase the likelihood of obesity.

Why do we eat at night?

Many women eat late at night because that is the only time of day that they get in any peace and carbohydrates offer stress relief because they raise the level of serotonin, the good mood chemical in the brain that makes us feel at ease.
Other diet minded women eat very little during the day thinking their self -discipline will carry them through the evening, only to have the strategy backfire. Going for long period restricting food makes it harder to eat reasonable when you begin to eat.

Tips to stop night eating?


Don't starve all day. Make sure to eat breakfast, lunch and snacks so you are not ravenous in the evening.
Curb your appetite- Try a drink that nutritionist call Citrus Chill which is a squeeze or lemon and lime and some artificial sweeter over crushed ice. Try one of these before dinner and after dinner.

Set a clear food cut off time - Try brushing your teeth at 7:30 pm and designate that as your food cut off time. This is hard at first but gets easier over time.

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