Sunday, 10 June 2012

9 tricks to reduce frizz !


With the monsoons setting in, many of us face a lot of hair problems, the most common one being the Frizzi-ness! If only this problem never existed! Anyway, we have some tricks to take care of this unwanted hair on..

1. Pick the right products :  Styling products help protect your hair from heat and tame flyaways. Just make sure you are using the right products for your hair type,If you have fine hair, use  a lightweight, anti-frizz milk or lotion ,those with coarse hair should opt for a treatment oil, to give their frizz-prone hair the moisture it needs.
2. Choose your tools wisely : You could have the world's healthiest hair, but if you're using a bad blow dryer, your hair will still end up looking fried. To keep your hair healthy invest in a professional blow dryer--preferably one with ionic technology and speedy drying time, The heat and ionic technology will help to seal the hair cuticle, leaving your hair looking lustrous.

3. Make the Cut : If your hair is already sporting serious split ends, it's only going to make your frizz worse.  Schedule regular haircuts. Get your hair trimmed every 8 weeks--cutting your hair regularly will prevent the hair from splitting or breaking on its own.

4. Hotter is better : If you really like to straighten your hair, flat irons are ok, as long as you minimize the amount of time the iron is in contact with your hair. If you use a flat iron, keep it on the highest heat. Lowering the heat will actually do more damage because you have to run the flat iron over your hair over and over. Once or twice per section is perfect if the heat is between 350 and 450 degrees." Also apply a heat protecting spray.

5. Cool Off : Increase shine with a cool rinse. Rinse hair with cool water after you condition--the cooler the better! This will slam the cuticle shut and give your hair beautiful shine.

6. Squeeze, Dont Rub :  Cut down on any excessive friction. That goes double for when your hair is wet--it's very delicate and more prone to breakage. When towel drying your hair, never rub your hair in the towel--always wrap your hair and squeeze the excess water out. This will prevent the hair cuticle from opening up and looking frizzy.

7.Brush em right : Not all brushes are created equal--some can pull, tug and break your fragile hair, leaving you with a frazzled look . When blow drying, use a natural bristle brush . It will polish the shaft and smooth the ends with very little effort.

8. Get moisturised : All hair types need a little extra moisture, but deep conditioning is really beneficial to frizz-prone hair, because it tends to be more dehydrated. To keep hair soft  use a deep conditioning mask,  once a week--it will help replenish any moisture that has been removed.
9. Pamper your Strands:  Take the time to pamper your hair . Putting that extra effort into your locks will help them to look and feel healthy, which will give you smooth strands ,  brush your hair from scalp to ends every morning and night. The oils from your hair will be distributed throughout the shaft, and will act as a natural smoother.


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