Friday, 1 June 2012

Foundation - liquid,cream, powder or mousse?

How would you know what kind of a foundation should you use? there's a whole lot of variety in the market these days - liquid, powder,stick, cream, mousse..
It really depends on the condition of your skin and what kind of coverage your want.

The advantages of a liquid foundation
  •  A liquid foundation tends to blend easily and offers a wide range of coverage from sheer to full coverage.
  • If you have oily skin remember to use an oil free liquid and an illuminating one if you have dull or dry skin.
  • If you need to cover breakout you should use a highly pigmented foundation.

The advantages of a stick foundation
  • Stick foundation is excellent for spot coverage on the chin or around your nose

The advantages of a cream foundation
  • If you are looking for more coverage and a longer lasting foundation use a cream foundation. You can keep if from looking too heavy by using a foundation brush to apply it which will spread it lightly.

The advantages of powder and mousse foundations
  • Both will give you lighter coverage and look best on clear and evenly pigmented skin.

How do I find the perfect shade of foundation
  • Go to the department store and try a few swipes of different shades on your jaw line and go outside with a pocket mirror and see which one blends seamlessly into your skin.

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