Friday, 1 June 2012

Tips to buy pants for any body type!


Pants and jeans are the most comfortable and the most popular piece of fashion, and have maintained this status for years now! They can be worn anywhere , but the trick is to buy the right pair for yourself, to get the right fit and the right look. Follow these tips to get a perfect pair of pants!

Strategies for buying pants for any body style:

  • Try buying one size larger which will usually give you the right not too tight fit.

  • Stretch fabric is crucial for comfort especially since at different times of the month you may need more ease.

  • Uncluttered look - flat front, no pockets or embellishments, is a very flattering look and prevents bulk around the hips.

  • Be careful with low rises on slim pants because you always have to be careful with how your walk or sit. A relative medium rise will give you more flexibility.
  • Apply a sense of proportion to your look. For example it is difficult to wear fitted on both the top and the bottom. Try soft blouse, easy fit jacket or long sweater with fitted pants. If you choose to where fitted on top and bottom remember that wearing the same color on top and bottom elongates the frame.

  • Avoid light colors or patterns on the bottom as they tend to add pounds. Unless you are a twig save those beautiful prints for the top or wear menswear type patterns on the bottom.

  • Heels always make your pants more flattering.

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