Saturday, 9 June 2012

What to wear for an interview?


It is very important to pay attention to what you wear for your job interiew. If you wear sandals, flipflops , crazy jewellery or low cut blouses, it can give an impression of you being unprofessional.
Know the appropriate dressing for your interviews and up your chances of nailing it there ;)

  • Your absolute best option is a navy blue dress, pant suit or dress/skirt with a jacket. Navy is a sincere colour, it's not dour like black or "look at me" like red. It is also a good neutral that looks good on just about everyone

  • Pumps are your best bet, but whether you go with heels or flats, just make sure your toes don't show. No matter how cute your pedicure is. Also, if you're going to wear high heels, make sure you can actually walk in them.

  • Here's the key to interview dressing: take a very simple, conservative outfit (like the navy blue suit) and add some personal flair to it with accessories. Basically, you want to wear a professional, non-offensive outfit, but not be so bland that your interviewer couldn't pick you out of a line-up five minutes after meeting you.
    Pick something that's not too garish (pearls are perfect), but will show your personality.

  • Important hair advice: DO NOT play with your hair. That means twirling it around your fingers, flipping it out of your face, running your hands through it. Touching your hair makes you look immature. Kind of the opposite of what most interviewers are looking for. The easiest way to avoid touching your hair: wear it back.

The job interview ponytail
If your hair is on the long side then try this look :

Step 1: Apply an anti-frizz product to your hair, whether it's straight or curly.
Step 2: If your hair is straight, blow dry it with a round or paddle brush for extra smoothness. If your hair is curly, apply a curl-enhancing gel or cream and either air dry or dry with a diffuser.
Step 3: Pull hair back into a ponytail. It doesn't have to be super-tight, but you don't want a lot of loose strands falling out either.
Step 4: For that extra polish that makes a ponytail job interview worthy, take a strand of hair and wrap it around your hair elastic neatly, then pin the ends underneath the pony. You can also add a conservative-looking headband if you want.
Step 5: Run a smoothing product or shine serum over your hair if it needs some extra sleekness.

Get a "hire me" face
You should definitely wear some makeup to a job interview , but you don't want to go overboard. THe key is going to work , So skip heavy eyeliner or mascara and lose the false eyelashes.

If you're not sure what would look good on you, you can try the look look described below. It's perfect for anyone going on a job interview.
For a professional look makeup :
Step 1: Apply a light to medium coverage foundation, then use a liquid concealer under your eyes.
Step 2: For a natural-looking glow, apply a sheer cream blush to the apples of your cheeks using your fingers. If you're trying to look younger, apply a highlighter  on the inner corners of your eyes and across your cheekbones.
Step 3: Define your eyes by curling lashes and applying one to two coats of mascara.
Step 4: Add a pop of color to your lips by using a lipstain  and applying a lip balm or sheer lipstick over it. Skip dark or bright colors and lipgloss.
Step 5: Finish with a bit of translucent loose powder to set your look.
Fragrance : So you've got your clothes, hair and makeup down, but there are still a few more appearance details you don't want to forget.

  • Skip the heavy fragrance. . Try using a scented body wash and deodorant to keep you smelling fresh instead of spritzing on a fragrance.

  • Mmake sure your hands and nails are well-groomed.Stay away from crazy colored nail polish unless you're interviewing for a creative position. Just keep your nails short, filed neatly and either polish free or in a light shade -- and make sure there are no chips!


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