Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Waterfall Braid !

Braid How To

Here are 10 steps to get a waterfall Braid ! it's easy and trendy ...try it on!

1.Gather Strands ...
 Take a small section at the front hairline and divide into three parts as you would do for a regular braid. Prepare to go diagonally around one side of the head, as opposed to straight back down the center of the head.

Braid How To2. Start Braiding : 

Start to braid normally by pulling section 1 (closest to the middle of the head) across section 2 (the middle strand).

Braid How To3. Continue to Braid : 
Now pull section 3 (the one closest to the face) across strand 2 like a normal braid.


Braid How To4. Continue .. 
Continue to braid normally, pulling the piece closest to the middle of your head and folding over.

Braid How To

5. Drop Strand ...
Now let section 3 fall with the rest of the hair.

Braid How To
6. PIck a Piece .. 
Pick up another section, preferably right underneath where you are braiding, to replace the one you let fall.

Braid How To

7. Fold Over
Fold the new piece over section 2

Braid How To8. Pick another Piece :
Continue the braid by picking another piece at the middle of the head, adding to section 1 and folding over.

Braid How To9.  Continue around Head..
Continue to braid around the head this way – letting the piece closest to your face fall and picking up a new piece.

Braid How To
10 . And You're Done ..
Continue around the head as far as you’d like and then pin or tie the braid securely.


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