Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dressing up in RED - head to toe!


0430freida-pinto-gucci-suit_fa.jpgIf you think pantsuits are still just a shortcut to looking like Hillary Clinton, we dare you not to change your mind after seeing this photo of a super-chic Freida Pinto on the red carpet over the weekend...

She hit the Tribeca Film Festival in this red-on-red Gucci number, and we're officially suffering from a case of Serious Outfit Envy.

The styling choices are impeccable--love that she didn't just toss on a pair of black shoes, but incorporated touches of black in her belt, top, and handbag, and that butterfly pin is the most charming finishing touch of, oh, all time.
If you're thinking, "cute, but where the heck would I wear something like this?", consider it a perfect dress alternative for a weekend shower, an ultra-sophisticated girls' night out outfit (especially with a slinkier, sexier top underneath), or a way to turn a work-related cocktail party into a "wow, she looks like she could use a promotion!" opportunity

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