Monday, 24 September 2012

Ageing Myths Busted!

Ageing is a very natural process that everyone on their lives goes through . However, many of us try and fight it , in order to look younger ...but in the process we sometimes end up making it look even more evident. Here are a few myths about ageing that every woman must know.
Be comfortable with what  you are and how your skin looks :)


1. MYTH: Peeling Face=Stop Retinoids.

REALITY: The irritation many people feel when they add these vitamin A-based creams to their regimen are "all part of the process,"  To see results, you have to persist. If it's too uncomfortable, he suggests using a retinoid  every third night. After two weeks, go to every second night, then every night.

2. MYTH: SPF only matters on the face.

REALITY: If you don't protect your neck now with SPF, prepare to be covering up in your 50s. The same age-fighting ingredients you put on your face can also be applied below the chin, but be careful with retinol and acids. "The skin on the neck is more sensitive , it is  advised that  you use retinol on this fragile area no more than two or three times a week.

3. MYTH: If makeup has SPF, you're safe.

REALITY: Unless you are slathering yourself in foundation, your coverage is inadequate. it is recommended  wearing at least a teaspoonful of sunscreen on your face every day. Protecting your skin from the sun lets the repair enzymes shift from defending skin to healing it.

4. MYTH: With age, add more foundation.

REALITY: Actually, the reverse is true. As you age, base tends to settle into wrinkles and lines, which makes skin look duller. This is especially problematic for women over 40, who have already lost some luminosity as the turn-over rate of their skin cells has slowed. Instead, apply a lightweight tinted moisturizer  in place of a heavy foundation. See a dermatologist to fix the uneven skin tone that you're tempted to cover up.

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