Thursday, 27 September 2012

DIY- Make Gold Clutch !


Many of us would would be wanting a Gold Clutch to carry to a party or an evening out with friends...well..there's no need for yout to buy it and waste money . Go easy on your pockets and just get a Tape and  Spray Paint ;)

Here are two simple steps for you to follow , to get a Gold Clutch :

red clutch How to Make a Gold Clutch
1. Tape off the area that you would like to be gold.

spray clutch How to Make a Gold Clutch

2. Holding the spray paint at least 6″ away, spray a thin layer, covering the bag.
3.Let dry for at least 1 full day.
4.Make sure to put newspaper or an old cloth under the bag to protect the surface below.

And Here it is !  


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