Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dressing like a Rockstar!


We all feel like rockstars about ourselves at times..well..if you wanna dress up like a rockstar too..follow these simple steps ;)

Find inspiration. Look at all the popular groups in your genre with female leads and take notes on their personal style.
 Look and see what elements of their style you like and can easily incorporate into your existing wardrobe.
 For example Courtney Love’s Hole-era style of baby doll dresses and heavy make-up was a great rock chick look.
Babydoll dresses are a HUGE trend this year

2. Develop a Signature Piece.
Do you have a signature items that you wear everyday like stiletto heels, scarves, bright red hair, etc?
If not, develop a signature item that is uniquely you that will make you and your band standout from the pack.
 For example, always wear the babydoll dresses with stilettos or wear it with converse hot top sneakers.
Maybe rock an awesome hair cut (with a shocking color) with sweet floral dresses.
  Focus your energies on maintaining or building a collection of these items. Always try make sure you have one feminine and one rocker element in all of your outfits.

3. Know Your Stores. Know which stores can offer you the best clothing and be LOYAL!

4. Make sure you can maintain it.
 Until you become a star, you’ll be doing your own make-up and acting as your own personal stylist. Make sure what ever style you create can be maintain on the road and with minimum help from others.It’s important that you “own” the style, so when you become a rock star, the image carries over.

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