Saturday, 15 September 2012

Crop Tops - a Fashion Rage!


Crop Tops have been quite a hit ,  So, if you're fashion-forward enough to test out this trend, how do you pull it off without looking like an 80s fashion victim?

RULE #1: Hide that bellybutton!
 Exposing your entire midriff is so passé. The new way to do it reveals just a little sliver of abs and leaves a lot to the imagination. In general, keeping the flesh of flash above your belly button, not below, is a much more tasteful option.

RULE #2: Go girly.
There's no need to go super-edgy or all-out urban-inspired when you wear a crop top--in fact, that's a recipe for calling to mind Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes circa 1994. Instead, head in the opposite direction, like Selena Gomez did in Dolce & Gabbana: pink, frilly, and paired with high heels all say polished glam, not hip hop wannabe.

RULE #3: Don't be afraid to layer.
Haven't been to the gym in a while? Just a modest gal in general? There's no need to show everything--or even anything!--when you wear a crop top. We love the layered look, meaning you can throw one on over a dress (like in this look from Free People), or put a sheer top over one so you can still see through it. 


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