Sunday, 9 September 2012

Faking a a Good Night's Sleep!

Here are a few tips for you, if you've been up all night and want to look fresh in the morning , at work ! read on !

Stretch :

You don’t have to go crazy with the office yoga, but definitely swap out your mid-day coffee for a 10-minute walk or a stretch. Either one will stimulate your circulation, mind, and muscles to avoid that afternoon slump.

Keep Breath Fresh :

Morning breath can last longer than the morning when you don’t get enough Zzzz’s.


Keep H2O Close :

If your skin looks lackluster and energy is at an all time low, it could be because last night’s lack of sleep left you dehydrated. Hang around the water cooler, and drop a vitamin-loaded supplement .

Jennifer Lopez

Fake Wide Awake :
Stars like JLo keep their peepers popping with white eye liner. Light inner eye liner makes the whites of your eyes appear larger, creating the illusion that you’re wide awake. The trick has become so popular that mega-brands have produced liners just for inner eye brightening.

Awaken Your Senses:

Wake up and smell the coffee with a coffee scrub. The exfoliating wash will leave skin looking radiant and replenished, while coconut oil and super-caffeinated scents awaken your senses.

Revlon Lip ButterAdd some colour :

Even if the rest of your palette is pale, a burst of color on your lips will leave everyone thinking you took the time to get ready. Opt for a smear-proof shade that is both pigmented and sheer.

Spritz On Citrus :

Citrus scents are known to be invigorating, and there are plenty of perfumes that will leave you smelling fresh and lively. Choose a refreshing fragrance, so you won’t walk into work smelling like cheap cleaning supplies.

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