Saturday, 15 September 2012

Stripes can be Fun too!


0910tommy-hilfiger-stripes1_fa.jpgIt's no secret that we're kiiiiiinda obsessed with stripes around here, but last night, Tommy Hilfiger proved he may be the super-simple print's keenest fan, and gave us a slew of totally new ways to wear them
Does wearing stripes look like fun, or what?

  • Dress down a suit with stripes underneath: You already know that shorts suits are huge news for this upcoming spring, but what do you wear with one to give it an un-office-y vibe? A nautical striped top underneath lends just enough of a casual vibe to keep things cool.


  • Pair vertical and horizontal stripes together: Chances are, you already own a horizontal-striped long sleeve tee and a vertical stripe button-down oxford--now put 'em together for the ultimate innovative-yet-wearable remix!


  • Wear white with your stripes for maximum impact: How do you make bold-colored stripes really pop? Go the classic sailor route, with crisp white linen pants--or even jeans!


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