Monday, 17 September 2012

Earrings for the Petites!

Top Styles of Earrings for Short WomenHellO!

Here are a few earring types that can be worn by the petites !

1. Studs :
Although stud earrings may be worn by anyone, stud earrings work especially well for petite women because they are appropriately proportioned. There's such a variety in stud earrings from plain metal posts to diamonds that everyone should be able to find a stud earring style she likes. Stud earrings can add just the right subtle finishing touch to an ensemble in which you want the clothing or another accessory to stand out.

Top Styles of Earrings for Short Women2. Buttons :
A button earring style is also flattering to short women as long as the earring isn't too big. A button earring with a diameter of an inch or less covers the earlobe and can be selected so that it matches or complements an outfit without overwhelming the ensemble. If you're a fan of vintage jewelry, you'll find it easy to locate fun button earrings from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Fewer women had pierced ears then, so many of the button earrings from those past decades are screwbacks or clip styles, which can be converted to posts or just worn as is.

Top Styles of Earrings for Short Women3. Drop earrings :
Drop earrings dangle just below the earlobe, and as long as they're not huge or horizontally oriented, they work fine for short women. Drop earrings with vertical shaping, such as a bead with a long rectangular shape or a teardrop shape, add a touch of height for short women.

Top Styles of Earrings for Short Women4. Danglers :
Dangle earrings fall freely from the earlobe and enhance the illusion of a bit of height for short women. Dangle earrings with chains may be any length, even brushing the shoulders, as long as the chain links or beads attached to them are not too large.

Top Styles of Earrings for Short Women5. Chandeliers
Chandelier earrings continue in popularity, but petites should pay attention to proportion when selecting chandeliers because they're frequently quite large. When a short woman wears earrings that are too large, the earrings stand out too much in comparison to the rest of her outfit. When a short woman wears earrings that are too broad, a horizontal line is created rather than the more desirable vertical line, which will add a bit of height.

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