Monday, 17 September 2012

Beauty Lessons!

A few lessons for you to keep up with your beauty ...the easier way :)
1. Start Off Every Morning With A Stretch
Want to get the blood flowing to bring a little color to your cheeks? Start the morning with a few yoga poses, like child’s pose or downward dog.

2. Constant Grooming Is A Must
It’s not easy to be this cute. Cats are slaves to their own vanity and have no problem taking multiple baths a day in front of strangers.
3. A Fresh Manicure Makes All The Difference
You can’t very well shake hands with a dirty, hand, which is why your nails should always be clean and trimmed.
4. Plenty Of Beauty Rest Is Paramount
 be sure to schedule yourself a good 8 to 19 hours of napping time.
 5. Eat your Greens for Beautiful Skin
eating greens will get your skin glowing. So don’t just pick at your broccoli. Roll around in it! 
6. Haircut
We’ve all been there; you went to the salon for a cute new cut, but instead you got hacked! Prevent this disaster by having a conversation with your stylist about what you want. Bring in pictures to further illustrate the look you’re going for.

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