Friday, 7 September 2012

DIY - Zipper Headband !


We spotted models wearing this crafty zipper headband at New York Fashion Week, which kicked off yesterday.  Add a “punk edge” to your look by wrapping actual zippers around the  hair. Make a faux bang by tucking hair into the zipper—and create texture .

Erin Fetherston Spring 2013

To create your own zipper headband,

  •  start with a 24- to 30-inch length of zipper (you can remove one from an old piece of clothing or buy one at a fabric store).
  • Unzip half of the zipper and wrap around your head, leaving the front section of your hair loose,
  •  and secure in the back with bobby pins.
  • Twist the loose hair and tuck the piece in between the zipper’s teeth, pinning in place underneath the headband.

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