Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dressing up a Cardigan !


There are many ways of keeping it simple yet looking are some thoughts on prepping up a simple cardigan , for a soecial evening :)

Belt It: Nothing can give a potentially librarian-ish cardi more va-vavoom than cinching in the waist, and, particularly If your chosen sweater already has a little bling built in, this season we’d suggest a skinny belt.
The look is modern (we’ve seen it on Rosario Dawson — love.) especially if you pick a skinny belt, and, for evening, some patent shine.
 And while you can match your belt to your sweater for a monochrome look, don’t be afraid to mix it up (we like deep purple with a pale gray, or silver with black).

Brooch It: Need to kick up your cardigan’s holiday flava, and want the cinched/wrap look without the belt? Try a fab sparkly brooch — wrap the cardi like you’re going to belt it and instead secure it at the waist with a pretty pin.
No need to spend a bundle ,, even a simple one would work wonders!

Balance With Some Sex Appeal: Still worried that a cardigan will be too, well, stuffy when you’d rather have some sizzle? You can look feminine and sexy in a cardigan if you like — it’s all about balance. The rule is if you’re covered up on top, you can show a little extra leg (of course, how much depends on the nature of the function — if it’s work related, keep it clean people).

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