Sunday, 30 September 2012

Shadows that Bring out your Eye Colour !

Taylor Swift


Here are a few ways you can bring out the colour of your eyes, be it brown , green or blue ...u can always make your eyes look Special !

Blue Eyes 

Sometimes keeping it simple is best. A clean, precise line of copper eyeliner is all it takes to make Taylor Swift’s blue eyes pop. Lots of Black Mascara also helps to contrast with her baby blues to bring them out.
Dark Shades make  lashes look long.

Kat Graham

Green Eyes 

The best and brightest eye effect we’ve seen for Green Eyes , Kat Graham’s shimmery purple shadow that completely surrounds her eyes.
Since purple and green are opposites on the color wheel, they look extra vibrant when paired together.

Kim Kardashian

Brown Eyes  

If you eyes are dark brown like Kim Kardashian’s, go for a contrasting pale champagne shadow to make them pop.
You can also line the inside of your Lower Lash Lines with a cream pencil to enhance the effect,
 and load on lots of mascara.


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