Thursday, 20 September 2012

Getting Rid of Pimples!


Pimples…they come at the best of times, don’t you think so? Usually when you have a big event coming up, or you’re sleeping over at your man’s and you wake up with some rather unflattering red bumps. In either case, pimples are a nuisance and we need to put a stop to them NOW!

 Here are 5 ways to get rid of a pesky pimple…stat!

Benzyol Peroxide

…is my best friend! I carry this little tube of miracles in my bag all the time. Just apply to the pimple and it will greatly reduce the size and redness in no time.


Ok, so I’ve been watching Glee too much, but ice is actually a great way to reduce those massive surprise pimples. Just put some ice in a baggy and hold it against the pimple for about 10 minutes. This is actually called freezing a pimple..


This trick is as old as they get, but just make sure you use white toothpaste and not the blue, swirly kind because it won’t work as well. Usually the toothpaste on the pimple trick works best when you apply it at night and sleep on it…it’ll dry it right out!

Drying Cream

 It works miracles. Not only is this cream a lifesaver when it comes to minimizing pimples in record time, but it also works amazingly as a pimple concealer. So you can wear it underneath your foundation, making it almost non-existant, while it is doing its job of drying out the pimple…genius!

Tea Bags 

Tea bags are another excellent way to reduce the size and redness of a pimple. Just boil some water, dip a tea bag in it (green tea works best), let it steep, and apply the tea bag to the pimple.

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