Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Importance Of Using Herbal Soaps

A daily part of our beauty regimes happens to be our soaps. We rarely go a single day without using soaps or a face wash to give our skin a fresh and clear look. But do we always use the right soaps for our skin? While regular soaps are used to remove dirt and pollution from the face, they can also end up damaging the skin in other ways. These soaps are made from various chemicals, which is unhealthy for the skin over a longer period of time! This is why it is considered to be safer to use herbal soaps as much as possible.

Off late, you will find commerical soaps with "added moisturizer" and "skin healing properties". Even with these additions, the soaps do not do any better for your skin. Using herbal soaps on the other hand, allows the skin to flourish under the care of nature. There are a number of ingredients used in these soaps, all of them extracts from a natural plant, herb or flower. These extracts are soft on the skin, while helping to repair any damage caused by dirt and pollution. Much of the skin care we require can be tapped from herbal soaps, which remain healthy for the body and the environment.

Some of the more ingredients used to make soap is glycerin. You can find certain herbal additions to this basic formula, which add fragrance and healing properties. Shea butter, cocoa butter, neem, honey, aloe vera, extract of lemon and orange, rose water - these are all common herbal extracts  that are seen in soaps and used frequently. They are wonderful for dry skin, oily skin and sensitive types of skin and rarely cause allergies or irritation. This also makes them the perfect gift for friends and loved ones alike.

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