Wednesday, 11 April 2012

12 Colours To Suit All Women - #7, #8 & #9!

Indian women usually stick to dark browns and deep reds lipsticks for their makeup kits, along with some kajal to define the eyes. There is hardly any blush or eye shadow that goes along with daily wear, only for special occasions. Ladies, there is no need to be afraid of trying out the unknown on an everyday basis. You can get a beautiful yet sophisticated look for home and office, especially with these three choices from the list of 12 bright colours every woman can pull off!

#7. Peachy Pink Blush: When you blush, the hidden pink in your skin comes to life, showing how every woman looks gorgeous with some peach pink tones on her side. If you have a light complexion, bold strokes of the blush will bring your inner glow to life. Olive skinned women can apply smaller strokes around their cheekbones for a defined jawline. And women who have a dark skin tone can subtly apply some under the cheeks to give them a rosy glow. This is one colour you won't regret applying as blush.

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#8. Silver Eyeshadow: Silver barely gets a mention in the makeup kit of Indian women, but you should consider investing in some silvery eyeshadow. This is a colour that has made it big for all skin tones. Dark complexions can apply a very small amount and make their eyes shimmer. Bright skin tones need to put on a little extra, with a black base for an elegant look. Olive skinned women have it the best with silver eyeshadow, since they can apply it any way they like. It makes the eyes look bigger, the face thinner and can give you a glamorous look for any evening.

#9. Coral Pink Lip Colour: When you wear coral coloured lipsticks, it may not suit the overall tone of many women, but coral pink lip gloss can work wonders. This can be used as a lip plumper when you already have lipstick on. It can also make for subtle lip colour if the rest of your makeup is heavy. It looks best when the clothes you are wearing are also colourful and bright in nature. You can try this lip balm or colour with another shade of lipstick, especially if you apply a light beige colour.

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