Monday, 9 April 2012

4 Hottest Hair Colouring Options for 2012

Ladies, if you're opting for a change of hair colour this summer, you need to make sure you have the right trend for you. The fashion calendar for 2012 is seeing some brand new colours for your gorgeous locks! You can try out various combinations as per your skin tone and style preferences. The 4 fashion trends that have caught on are:

Browns & Blondes: Women who have a wheatish skin tone would be best suited to trying out a combination of brunette and blonde highlights. Shades of brown such as mocha, caramel and deep brown are commonly seen as the best colours for the typical Indian complexion. Blonde highlights layer the brown with a sharp opposite to make it look more gorgeous. These complement the skin and bring out the shape of the high cheekbones on many women. Alternatively, you can also get a full brown colour base and blonde highlights to make for a stylish look.

Deep Red: Indian women often go with a mehendi dye for orange-ish red hair. This is a look that suits many skin tones and complexions. In the same way, women can also try out different shades of deep red or maroon for their hair as well. Colours such as burgundy, maroon and rosewood are well suited to the Indian woman and adds a dash of sophistication to the overall style.

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Bright Hues: If you have a bright complexion, then checking out some of the bright hues and shades in the market is the way to go. These include subtle blonde colours, as well as the lightest shades of brown. One can give a try to platinum and silver colours as well, which are experimental but can look elegant when applied well.

Colour Me Silly: Although getting streaks and highlights of various colours in the rainbow are considered to be a style for teenagers and college students, it can work for older women as well. If you work at home or are in an industry that does not require a formal sense of dressing, you can definitely try out these fashions. Red, blue and purple streaks are the most popular as of now with women. However, shades of orange and green are also slowly catching on.

If you are looking forward to trying out these style options, you can simply walk into your closest parlour or try it at home. Either way, get ready to inject some fun into your daily fashion and style.

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