Monday, 9 April 2012

Considering A Hair Colour Change: Read This!

As most women do, most of you would have considered colouring their hair at home instead of at a parlour. This is quick, cheap and easy to do! More than that, you have complete control over how you want your hair to look, instead of somebody else giving you the style. There are dozens of colour varieties available for women who choose to style their locks at home, which makes the process all the more fun.

When you are looking to colour your hair, there are some things to keep in mind. These are:

Your Skin Tone: Your natural hair will always match your skin tone perfectly well, but the same cannot be said for different colours. This is why women with dark complexions rarely get blonde coloured hair or metallic colours. In the same way, women who have wheatish and light complexions must be careful to not look pale because of their dark locks. Women who have very fair skin, can often pull off reddish tones and hues wonderfully. To make sure you get the best effect, consider the colour combination carefully.

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Full Colour or Highlights: You have a choice of the amount of colour you put on your hair. Highlights will only colour certain locks of hair and act as a contrast to your current hair colour. A full colour means that you dye all your hair. The choice lies with the woman, depending on how she wants her hair to look. While highlighting suits some women wonderfully so, others should stick to a full head of colour.

Permanent or Semi-Permanent: Although all hair colours wash off after a while, the semi-permanent ones do so faster and are not affected by the growth of new hair. In this way, the roots will not show up looking out of place, since the original hair colour is still present. With permanent colours, the roots show up quite quickly and then the colour needs to be re-applied. Women looking to keep a certain colour should go for this option. Others can try out semi-permanent colouring.

Where To Highlight: If you have chosen getting highlights, then you must decide where to use them. They can be spread all over the head, but that looks messy. Highlights close to  the face or surrounding it can make your face look younger, while highlights situated in the middle or the back of the head can give a classy appearace.

These are four points to keep in mind when colouring the hair at home! And overall, the  best way to proceed for most women is to keep it simple and pamper yourself with a new colour as and when you like!

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