Tuesday, 10 April 2012

12 Colours To Suit All Women - #1, #2 & #3!

Ladies, how many of you have kept away a makeup set when shopping thinking the colours are too bright for you? We believe that bright colours - the pinks, reds and purples - can suit every woman, if she knows how to apply them well. This is why, we present to you a list of 12 bright colours that every woman can use without fear. Simply so because they add an air of elegance to your daily look and a touch of confidence to your makeup regime!

#1. Bright Pink: Few colours manage to look as good on all skin tones as bright pink does, especially when used as lipstick. Women with a bright complexion can easily pull of this not so subtle shade. If you happen to have a somewhat wheatish skin tone, you can add some darker shades of raspberry or maroon to the mix and turn your lips into elegance personified. If you've been wondering how to make dark skin tones work with bright pink, then you'll be surprised to see how well it blends in with some mocha coloured lips in the summer and winter season.

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#2. Plum: This light, whimsical form of purple is not used often enough by Indian women in their makeup kits. The beauty of plum is that it is universally suited to various skin types, just by adjusting how much you use. If you have bright skin, you skin simply apply the colour in the form of blush on your cheekbones and reap a gorgeous effect. For olive complexions, you can apply it around the cheeks in a sleek, upward manner. And if you have a dark skin tone, you can mix the plum coloured blush with some foundation and dab it on the cheeks with ease.

#3. Golden Shimmer: While wearing shimmery colours daily may not be every woman's idea of a beautiful day, gold lipgloss can make all the difference. It may become overwhelming for women with a light complexion and so can be mixed in with a darker shade of lipstick. Women with dark skin tones will take to the golden shimmer lipstick naturally, which means they can wear it day or night without fear. If you happen to have olive skin, then you can apply the golden shimmer lipgloss during the day time and mix it with a little light pink or mocha lipstick for an elegant look.

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