Wednesday, 11 April 2012

12 Colours To Suit All Women - #10, #11 & #12!

Using the basic black for mascara is out of style, as is sticking to simple shades for eye shadow and lipsticks. Ladies, if you take a step outside your comfort zone, you will find a bevy of colour options waiting to be tried out. If you have wanted to find a style that is all yours, choosing a daring and bright colour is the way to go. And you need not worry about looking unprofessional. You can get a beautiful yet sophisticated look for home and office, especially with these three choices from the list of 12 bright colours every woman can pull off!

#10. Maroon/Brown Mascara: Black is the basic choice women make for their mascaras but this definitely needs to change. There are many other shades available in the market for those who want to change their style. If you do not want something too different from your tastes, a hint of maroonish-brown mascara will work wonders. You can team it up with silver, blue, green and even red eyeshadow for a subtle yet sexy effect. The best part is that you can carry it off, no matter what your skin tone or complexion is!

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#11. Blue Eyeshadow: Blue is a rare choice for the Indian women, however it does make for an edgy and gorgeous makeup accessory. It matches well with different shades and hues of blue clothing and suits all skin tones.Women with dark skin can use a deep shade of blue to bring out their eyes, while fair skinned women can work with light shades of blue for a soft effect. If you have olive or wheatish toned skin, you can simply use a black base and brighten it up considerably with some blue eyeshadow. It can be complemented by brown or black mascara as well.

#12. Orangeish-Yellow Lipstick: For some women, it may be too much to pull off a yellow or strong orange lipstick, but an in between can be the perfect match. A soft orange-yellow mix of lip colour can be seen get along with beige and dark brown suits. If you have olive skin, then a light application will make your lips pop but keep them classy. Dark skinned women can apply one coat and team it up with plain lipgloss for a soft and full lipped effect. If you have a bright complexion, you can wear this combination wherever you like without giving it an extra thought!

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